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yup. i broke down and read a book. it was that land of 1000 dances book. not bad. a lil boring and dry, but informative. now reading this thing got me thinking. and that's never good. so they touched on the chicano punk scene which to my knowledge is still very alive and well. flipped thru the pages of some indy zine on LA chicano punk. i mean, i didnt read any of it if that's what you perverts are thinking. but i digress. i was wondering about the new wave/goth phenomenon. its presence is strong in east LA and the san gabriel valley. thoughts? i mean id like a break down of that.also, to my knowledge, there seems to be a wave of "politically conscious" chicano folk/soul/hip hop/latin bands in los angeles. has been for some time. the first i heard of was quetzal. then, of course, ozomatli. which, btw, regardless if you like their music, they put on a great show. anyways, i guess im more interested in the latter. i wouldve thought that that book wouldve covered it but perhaps it was written before that whole scene, and mind you, it is a scene, blew up. is this known outside of california? i mean, its not my favoritest of tunes, but it is interesting and deserves to be further discussed, as im sure it will in the future.


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    shig, the goth scene out here in so cal related to the punk & goth scene is big but VERY underground & not as strong... considering who wrote this book & where he got his info, its not hard to see why itprimarily touched on the old days thee midniters etc etc...
    i recently got the lowrider oldies book from that cat in east los, i wasnt to impressed w/ it all, didnt cover many essential items, mb it was deliberate to keep fools not knowing, & there was a ton!!! of wrong shit in that book like gang neighborhoods being listed wrong etc etc, i think i real good book is still yet to come, however both are decent & well worth the read...
    i will elaborate more later, & am glad peeps still sleep on this shit

    in fact, i'd like to thank crink for leaving a perfect cover/no record of thee midniters at goodwill, YOU SLEPT homie...

    alrato carnals...

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    yeah, in a sense i was suprised that they even touched on the punk scene. i guess i had the assumption that it was gonna be all oldies and shit.

    anyways, still kinda curious on that new shit ala ozomatli. uh, *rez, im going ahead with that thing @rhs and was looking for a lil more background on that new stuff as it is more current and maybe even more accesible in a sense to these folks. you know, i aim to plaese.
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