Sweet Inspirations - Now Your Baby Is A Lady

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Muro used a track on Taste Of Chocolate Bitter And Sweet Soulflavor called "Now Your Baby Is A Lady" apparently by The Sweet Inspirations (Elvis backing choir, right?). The origins of this track are a bit of a mystery to me. I think it's an original Jackie De Shannon composition and I know that Rhino released a limited CD box of Jackie De Shannon stuff which supposedly "closes with a forgotten outtake from the sessions for YOUR BABY IS A LADY. Like nothing found on that album, this is a traditional gospel standard. Jackie is backed by a prominent sax, and a gospel choir led by Cissy Houston." (quote from a review website). Cissy Houston would make the Sweet Inspiration link...Can anyone confirm the original source of that track and provide a covershot if possible.If you want to take a listen it's track 9 on this mix.


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    A traditional gospel standard? Not with lyrics like "now your baby is a lady/let me lay myself down for you."

    EDIT: my fault, at first I thought that the person (not Yemsky) was calling "Your Baby" a gospel standard, which was not the case.[/b]

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    Yes, I tripped over that seemingly strange reference as well on first instance. However, without knowing which track is the Outtake they are referring to I do not know whether they are seriously calling "Your Baby Is Lady" a "Gospel" tune...

    Anyone having a go at identifying track 9 from that Muro mix?

  • "Now Your Baby Is a Lady" by the Sweet Inspirations.  On an odd rare record on the Koala label (check Discogs).
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