Plogue Bidule (audio software r)

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Anyone heard of/used this? It seems like it may be similar to max/msp, but I've never used max/msp, or plogue bidule.Plogue


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    i like this kind of software. The modular format is pretty cool once you wrap your brain around it. I use reaktor and im learning how to create my own synths in there, but this seems a lot less complicated then reaktors intense programming. Ive never used max/msp, but thats looking pretty cool to mess with also.

  • Bidule is cool. Best thing is the spectral objects, which are way easier to use than messing around with ~fft and ~ifft in MSP. The input device object is also great and makes it a great 'glue' language for keyboards, joysticks, Wii controller, etc.

    Plogue's objects are designed at a slightly higher level of abstraction than MSP... it makes it easier to throw patches together without having to worry about divide-by-zero errors or the Nyquist frequency.

    Worst thing is that it doesn't have a UI layer like Reaktor or Max, although reportedly they are adding one.

    If you're having a hard time with Reaktor, stick with that for a while. It's the easiest to use of the bunch.

  • Oh, and the Plogue developers are really responsive. I got one of my feature requests added last year in 0.93 (AU sidechain processing).
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