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been a heavy day newswise. Terrorist attacks and incoing hurricanes, I thought I'd return to the basics of this website and provide some record reviews I did for a thread on another website.EnjoyPerfect Circle[/b] "S/T" (Inner City) I first heard about this album 6 years ago when a customer bought it up from under my nose at a record shop in Las Vegas. He played me a few cuts and I was sold. It wasn't until the weekend that I finally found a copy for myself. The group is a 5 piece Bay area based band that came real hard and funky. Released in 1977 this LP sounds like it coulda came out years earlier. Best tracks on here are "Dip Stick" and "Jungle Disco"Beau Williams[/b] "S/T" (Capitol)Over the last 6 months or so I've really started focusing on the genre known as "Modern Soul" Finding the smoothed out grooves, and the feel good James my older sister used to bump and the obscure soul records that don't even seem to get the shine you think they wold from funk collectors. Beau Williams put out a wonderful Modern soul LP in '81 that covers the gamut of dancable soul to smoothed out R&B. This LP is really a solid listen from start to finish. best to be heard while drinking lemonade on an 80 degree day.Homeboy & The C.O.L.[/b] S/T" (Alwest)I saw this LP sitting on a shelf in a thrift shop and chuckled at the artwork, I mean its hard to take a look at that cover and think "serious artist". However I remembered seeing a picture of ths LP the record grail website Black Vinyl Junkie and I figured it would be well worth the $0.95 they were asking for it and sure enough it was more than worth the gamble. The LP has a raw early 80''s soul vibe with a very strong keyboard melody featured in almost all the tracks. Songs like "Homeboy's Revenge" and "Funk Yourself To Death" exemplify the idea of modern soul.The Expotrations[/b] "Meet The Exportations" (United Artists)Sweet Soul and Sunday nights in Los Angeles are pracitcally synonomous. For years Radio DJ Art Laboe has been playing his Sunday Old School Show and fans likevme listen religiously. One Night he played a track I had never heard of that he said was by this group, the Exportations, it was a little bit of informoation I tucked away and didn't think much of util I came across rthis LP a few days ago. Released in 1978 this LP seemed to escape the disco craze and sounds much like the Stylistics or the Notations. To take a ghettoe version of a weekend getaway to LA I suggest blasting tracks like the feelgood "Strange Sensations" or the sweet psychadelic soul track "Main Ingrediant".Linda Jones[/b] "Your Precious Love" (Stang)Deep soul from Sylvia Robinsons Stang label. I found this LP while Diggin with my friend and experienced digger Anthony Pearson, as soon as I showed it to him he let me know that I had some serious quality in my hands. This album sounds like something Otis Redding may have recorded for Stax in the mid 60's, The title track kicks off the first side and sets the meloow yet deep soul pace of the entire album, yet another LP that it would be a shame to skip tracks on.Gladys McFadden & the Loving Sisters[/b] "Running Short Of Love Today" (ABC/ Peacock)If you haven't heard of the loving Sisters allow to intorduce you to them by saying that I've bought 4 of thier LP's and I've been impressed by each one. this is the latest date LP I've got from them being from 1977 but, like most gospel, the year of release meant little about the sound of the LP. the title track is a strong funky song with a percussion openeing and bouncy rhythm and the track "Never Gonna Turn Around" is a electric piano filled mellow soul track praising Jesus in such a laid back way that it feels like you may be catching the holy ghost while sipping morning tea.Marcus Miller[/b] "Suddenly" (Warner Brothers)Ever see an album at your usualy diggin spots and its unfamiliar to you and priced higher than everyting else? That was the case with this LP, I saw it in a store for double the price of most LP's and I didn't know why, sure enough I see it again elsewhere a few days after for much less and pick it up for no other reason than curiousity. Well my curiousity was killed when I heard the track "Much too Much" which Jay-Z sampled to great success on the classic track "Can't Knock The Hustle". The rest of the LP is ok but without a doubt this is the standout. Luther Vandross provided back up vocals and with his recent passing it makes this LP that much sweeter a listen.[/
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