Are these blank CDs worth a damn(the silver tops)

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I am not looking for TOP TOP quality..just half way decent..and they need to be the silver tops so I can hook up the thermal printing on top. I know they make the white joints, too..but I heard they suck and wont work in lots of CD players. If yall say these silver ones are good enough(for what I need), I am ordering them tonight. My fate is in your hands!100 pack High Quality CDR (CD-R) 52X 80Min/700MB Silver Shiny Blank Media, No Stacking Ring High Quality write-once recordable compact disc that permanently stores all kinds of digital data. It is excellent for system back-up, file and image storage, electronic publication, audio recording, samples or pre-production testing for CD-ROM, Video CD, CD-Audio, etc. * Media Type: High Quality CD-R Blank Media, CD-Recordable * Type: Data / Audio, Cyanine / Phthalocyanine * Storage Capacity: 80 Minutes / 700MB * Recording Speed: 1X - 52X * Color: Silver Shiny * Excellent environmental stability * Conforms to Orange Book Part II Standard * Life: 100 years with proper care / read more than 1,000,000 times * Item Code: 100-260-100


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