El Michels 7" on Truth and Soul

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El Michels "Creation" 7"[/b] on Truth and Soul label...anybody else cop this?The music on this is real nice for your summer mix.Vintage-instrument instrumental soul, done well.However, I am disappointed to hear the goddam tonal sway ofan off-center pressing. Upon further inspection the pressingappears to play straight and narrow, leading me wonder if therecords were all pressed from an off-center master?Listen to the horns.I will try again, at different times of day, in different humidityand at a different level of sobriety, but I have to say I thinkat least half of the new records I buy these days have a tonalconsistency problem relatted to off-centeredness.That said, I will most likely be purchasing the El Michelsfull-length when it comes out.


  • bull_oxbull_ox 5,056 Posts
    I liked that 12" they did a few years ago

    Haven't heard this one yet...

  • gloomgloom 2,765 Posts
    'behind the blue curtains' is slamming.

  • bluesnagbluesnag 1,285 Posts

    i'm listening to my copy right now and it sounds a-ok to me. i'm listening closely and trying to notice something without making myself hear something.

    are you talking about something that is a one rotation per sway thing or something at a lower frequency?

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    I heard a little off kilter kinda sound emanating from my copy, but in a way it kinda adds to the "vintage" character of the whole thing. Dope record any way you slice it.

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    'behind the blue curtains' is slamming.

  • are you talking about something that is a one rotation per sway thing or something at a lower frequency?

    Yes, but I'm not sure whether to say one rotation per sway or
    one sway per rotation.
    It's not unlistenably bad, but I think you can hear it most in the horns.
    It's the kind of thing that if you played it out at a high volume,
    some folks would start to feel a bit nauseous but they wouldn't
    be sure why.

  • wihlsunwihlsun 63 Posts
    on a similar note. i recently found a copy of Daptone-1002 the Lee Fields joint, and it was way off-center. unfortunately it was unlistenable and I returned it. if anyone has Lee Fields - "Gimme a chance" that isn't messed up, please send me a pm.

    Rest assured the El Michels will be on heavy rotation this summer!
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