MINNEAPOLIS!- come see my band THURS 10/4

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Hey, Minneapolis heads!If you like freakbeat, early Pretty Things, early Who, or just plain loud RAWK, come out to the Entry on Thursday night for a special one-time (quite possibly the last for a looong while) show of the Spectors. The line-up is a throwback to the heady days of '92-'93, when we used to gig regularly with our buddies Skeleton Ed and the Loose Rails. An article about the reunion:http://articles.citypages.com/2007-10-03...black-and-blue/Spectors-11pmSkeleton Ed-10pmLoose Rails -9pmBeatifics - 8pmall times are approximate in the world of rock, so come prepared to stay awhile.DJ Carrie Camaro will be spinning between sets, as an extra bonus.So if you come out, pull my coat and tell me youse a Soul Strutter! I am the big dude with the Strut-approved goatee!
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