Matthew Africa "Dirty R&B" appreciation

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Just copped this CD and I got to say it's awesome. Front to bakc it really does a great job of showcasing some of the best that R. Kelly has given to us over the last decade or so.No matter what you want to say - R. Kelly is a great artist and I appreciate the hell out of him, even more so now listening to the CD and the way that it was put together.Also, props to Matthew Africa for being that dude (also my brother from another mother haha!)


  • jinx74jinx74 2,287 Posts
    i havent listened to much rkelly since his first album with public announcement and i have to say this mix is dope. ive only finished the first cd but im on my second listen. some really good soul tracks. a little tired of hearing how fucking rich and wonderful this peeing-pedophile is but the mix and the music is great.

    right on for the mix matthew!

    FREE KELLS! (whatever that means...)

  • HE PUT THE ZOO ON THERE. kells is the only dude who can make monkey sounds sexy. someone please to post a picture of a sexasaurus

  • cascas 1,484 Posts
    yeah. i haven't paid r.kelly any mind after "honey love", but this cd is fresh. i played that shit like 3 times on my drive down to san diego.

  • thanks, dudes!

    for all the non-believers, let me just say this: the Sexasaurus is real.

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