!!! Some Ultra Rare Soul, Funk, Jazz Records !!!

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HI EVERYONE, GOT LOTS OF STUFF FOR YOU...LOTS OF SUPER RARE LPS AND 45S TO TRADE...FIRST THE LPS (QUALITY STUFF), BELOW THE 45s - SOME NICE ONES...CAN EMAIL ME TO: [email]soul@rare-rillen.de[/email]SOUL FUNK LPS, ALL US ORIGINALS WHEN NO OTHER DESCRIPTIONJOHNNY WATSON & LARRY WILLIAMS -TWO FOR THE PRICE OF ONE- OKEH (CANADIAN PRESS OF THIS ULTRA RARE NORTHERN SOUL GEM), VG++EARL CARTER & FANTASTIC SIX ???S/T- PRINCESS ULTRA RARE DEEP FUNK & SOUL LP !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!ALVIN CASH -TWINE TIME- MAR-V-LUS, MJJ BARNES -BORN AGAIN- PERCEPTION, SEALEDDESTINATION UNLIMITED - TRUE SOUL - SEALEDEXPORTATIONS- MEET THE ??? UA, VG++LOUIS SMITH ON BLUE NOTE (ONE OF THE RAREST LPS ON THIS LABEL, AS MINT JAPAN ISSUE) UP TO $1.800 BUCKS AS ORIGINAL COPY!!!PAULETTE REAVES ??? SECRET LOVER ??? BLUE CANDLE ??? VG++Artistics Sounds - message to a nation - Savoy (KILLER FUNK CUT!)NORMAN FEELS ??? S/T - JUST SUNSHINE (FRENCH COPY) M-TOMMY TIPTON - FULL OF SONG -BDC - VG+/++ ULTRA RARE PRIVATE PRESS 1969 R&B JAZZ SOUL OUT OF MINNEAPOLIS !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!POTION EP - SOLDHOLLY GROVE - NEW ORLEANS BEST KEPT SECRET - HOME BREW REC. 2 YEARS LATER 2ND PRESSINGSABORIAN & THE LOS - WHATEVER HAPPENED TO SUSIE ??? KARMAEBONY JAM BAND ??? S/T - STARBOUND (PRIVATE DISCO FUNK)MEL & TIM -GOOD GUYS ONLY WIN IN THE MOVIES- BAMBOO, VG++SHADES OF BROWN -SOB- CADET, SEALED SOLDMIKE JAMES KIRKLAND -HANG ON IN THERE- BRYAN, SEALED !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!SAM DEES -THE SHOW MUST GO ON- ATLANTIC, SEALEDNOTATIONS -S/T- GEMIGO/WARNER UK, NMDEBBIE TAYLOR -COMIN' DOWN ON YOU- TODAY, SEALEDGWEN MCCRAE -FUNKY SENSATION- 12" UK, MID 80S MIXES, VG++ SOLDBENNY JOHNSON -VISIONS OF PARADISE- TODAY, SEALED SOLDWILD TCHOUPITOULAS -S/T- ANTILLES, NMCONTINENTAL FOUR - DREAM WORLD- JAY WALKIN, VG+/++ !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!BOBBY PATTERSON -IT'S JUST A MATTER OF TIME- PAULA, VG++SOUTH SIDE MOVEMENT -S/T- WAND, NM, RARE FUNK DEBUT LPGEORGE KERR - IF THIS WORLD WERE MINE, ALL PLATINUM, NMTHE FUTURES - PAST, PRESENT AND THE FUTURES- PHILADELPHIA, NM SOLDNOLAN (PORTER) - S/T- ABC PROMO INCL. IF I ONLY COULD BE SURE!!!, VG++ SOLDBEN E. KING - ROUGH EDGES- MAXWELL, SEALEDOLLIE NIGHTINGALE - SWEET SURRENDER - PRIDE, VG++LETTA MBULU -THERE IS MUSIC IN THE AIR - A&M, NMJOHN WHITE -S/T- MAINSTREAM, NMGENE CHANDLER -THERE WAS A TIME- BRUNSWICK, VG+LEROY HUTSON -FEEL THE SPIRIT- CURTOM, VG+EDDIE HARRIS -IS IT IN INCL. FUNKAROMA- ATLANTIC, NMLEROY HUTSON -HUTSON- CURTOM, VG (JUST LOTS OF SMALL SCUFFS THAT DO NOT AFFECT PLAY!!!)LEROY HUTSON -LOVE OH LOVE- CURTOM (SECOND PRESS FROM EARLY 70S), VG+POINTER SISTERS -S/T INCL. YES WE CAN- BLUE THUMB, VG+RASPUTIN'S STASH -S/T- COTILLION, VG+ COVER HAS INSIDE A WATER STAININTRUDERS -COWBOYS TO GIRLS- GAMBLE, VG++JACKSON 5 -DIANA ROSS PRESENTS- MOTOWN GER, NMSTREET PEOPLE -S/T- VIGOR, VG++ COVER VG+BILLY BUTLER -SUGAR CANDY LADY- CURTOM, NMO.V. WRIGHT -INTO SOMETHING- HI, M-KAY-GEES -HUSTLE WITH EVERY MUSCLE- POLYDOR UK, VG+SOUL GENERATION -BEYOND BODY AND SOUL- EXPLOSIVE FR, VG++CLARENCE REID -RUNNING WATER- ALSTON, SEALED SOLDCANDIDO -1000 FINGER MAN- SOLID STATE, GERMAN VINYL, US COVER, VG++ !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!INEZ FOXX -AT MEMPHIS- VOLT, VG++PAUL HUMPHREY & COOL AID CHEMISTS -S/T- LIZARD, NMJOHN GARY WILLIAMS -S/T- TRUTH, VG++FOUR TOPS -YESTERDAY DREAMS- MOTOWN COVER VG, VINYL VG++EBONYS -SING ABOUT LIFE- BUDDAH GER, NMGIL SCOTT HERON -FIRST MINUTE OF A NEW DAY- ARISTA '74, NMCHARLIE JONES -SONGS OF LOVE, LIFE AND RE-ALITY- VG+GENIE BROWN -S/T- DUNHILL, VG+/++ATMOSPHERE STRUT -CLOUD ONE- P&P, VG+ SOLDSOUL FUNK 45s ??? ALL VG++ TO MINT, US PRESSES WHEN NO OTHER DESCRIPTIONDAYTON SIDEWINDERS BAND "Slippin' Into Darkness" b/w "Go Ahead On" (Carlco 45-106A) second pressb.w. souls -marvins groove- round rec - killer instro deep funk!!!chris jones -i'm the man- better rec - vocal deep funk!!!little royal -jealous/razor blade- tri-us - funkzip-codes - sweet meet- better, funkfaye ross -faith, hope & trust- round, rare female northern soul!!!colt -ridin high- reginald, nm, funky uptempo bluesthe happenings -chain of hands/crazy love- jubilee -rare soul/beattrevor walters/ital all stars -love me tonight/dub me tonight- magnet rare reggaeexecutive suite -mother nature/christine - jubilee -rare soul/beatbilly preston - you're so unique/how long has the train been gone- a&m - soul 1973bill withers -you/stories - sussex -soul 1974little sister - stanga/somebody's watching you - stoneflower - soul a la sly & family stonenolan - somebody's crying/i like what you give - lizard - northern soulbettye jean plummer - baby i want you back/i believe - salem - rare sweet soulsylvia/ralfie pagan - soul, je t'aime/Sunday - vibration ultra rare soul,orginal one!!! also known by serge gainsbourg "je t'aime"!!!dottye fultz - i'm saved/jesus is a soul man - emase - rare hammond gospel/groovethurston harris/"peppermint" harris -little bitty pretty one/i got loaded- ripete -doo wop stylefreddie roach -spacious/tenderly - prestige rare jazz 45carla thomas - i like what you're doing/guide to well - stax german - southern soulisley brothers - it's your thing/don't give it away - t-neck - funk classicbill withers - ruby lee/heartbreak road - sussex - funky soulann peebles - i can't stand the rain/a love vibration - hi uk ('85 pressing)dave & ansel collins - monkey spanner - big tree - rare early reggae/dubbill black - white silver sands/don't be cruel (elvis!!!) - Motown yesterdays series -rare jazzy groovemitch ryder - jenny take a ride/little latin lupe lu - eric - beat/northern stylejackson five - i am love part 1 & 2 - motown/collectablesmoments - jack the box/i could have loved you - stang - soul 1978gene ammons - don't go to strangers/carbow - prestige - rare jazz 45assembled multitude - classical gas/william tell overture - eric - obsure northern/disco instro stuffjack la forge - boss bosa nova/our crazy affair - regina - rare bossa big band stylelost generation - sly, slick & wicked/you're so young... - brunswick - sweet soulimpressions - this is my country/my woman's love - curtom - rare northern soul - end sixties!isley brothers - that lady part 1 & 2 - t-neck - rare funky soulben e. king - i can't take it like a man/goodbye my old gal - maxwell - killer soul 45! Unbelieveble sound!!! Not the style we know this artist!!!keanya collins - you don't own me/as much yours... - itcc - rare funk 45 / 1972paul humphrey & cool aid chemists - cool aid/detroit - lizard - instro funk 1969reggie alexander - these are the questions, vocal & instro - l.b.j. - rare soul 45chequers - undecided love - scepter - rare disco soul/funk 1975robert murphy - happy "soul" birthday- romur - rare soul 1969 - killer birthday track, for djs!!!felice taylor/mel & tim - i feel love comin on/backfield in motion- old gold '88 - rare northern soul - end sixties!soul generation - key to your heart/i wonder what she's doin - ebony sounds - rare sweet soulfrederick knight - i've been lonley../i betcha didn't know that- stax german - southern soulhoney & the bees - it's gonna take a miracle/what about me - josie - rare sweet soulesther phillips - such a night - kudu promojo jo benson - having my glory/eternally - sss international - rare northern soul - end sixties!martha reeves & vandellas - bless you/hope i don't get my heart broke - gordy - female soul 1970/71mickey murray - shout bamalama/lonley room - sss international - rare northern soul - sixties
!hank ballard - i'm so mad with you/don't fall in love.. - king- rare soul from the 60s on the legendary king labelsunshine band - black water gold - tk italien press - instro funk!!! Killer funk!!!"nibbs"/hot'n'heavy all stars - a brighter world/spending christmas day with you- arc lark- soul 1974soul children- hold on i'm coming/hearsay - stax german - soul 1974freddie james- get up and boogie - warner - soul 1974creative source - you can't hide love/lovesville - sussex - killer soul track!!!gladys knight & the pips- i can see clearly now/i've got to use my imagination- buddah - sweet soulspinners - ghetto child/we belong together- atlantic - sweet soulking floyd - got to have your lovin/let us be - chimneyville - funky soulkool & the gang - wild is love/higher plane - de-lite - rare funk 45manhattans - rainbow week/lonliness - deluxemanhattans - if my heart could speak/do you ever - deluxemanhattans - fever/back up - deluxemanhattans - a million to one/cry if you wanna cry - deluxemanhattans - it's the only way/one life to live - deluxekaren young - hot shot, vocal & instro - atlantic uk - disco soul/funk 1978canada goose - higher & higher/answer man- tonsil - beat/northern jackie wilson cover!!!lou rawls - sit down & talk to me/when you get home - philadelphia int. (Italien) - classic lou rawls style/ soul 1979al hudson & soul partners - music/tonight - mca - pic cover UK? - disco soul 1979cerrone - rocket in the pocket/je suis music - malligator - classic disco, funky, 1978billy paul - brown baby/it's too late - epic germany - sweet soulinvictus - new babe/cotton candy lane - rama rama - ultra rare northern soullenny welch - get mommy to come/breaking up... - commonwealth - rare northern soul - sixties!frederick knight- lean on me/i've been lonley...- stax !us! - sweet souldee dee warwick - make love to me/she didn't know - atco - rare female sweet soulfrederick II - gwendolyn/groovin out on life - vulturesupremes - where did our love go/baby love - motown/collectables - sweet soul classic 60srick james - island lady/big time - gordy - funky 1980voyage - lets get started/one step higher - atlas italien press- 1982 disco soul/funkarthur prysock - funny world/girls i never kissed- bethlehem - rare vocal jazz 45, smooth, 1972coffee - i wanna be with you/slip & dip - de-lite uk - killer disco soul/funk 1980mary jane girls - candy man, part 1 & 2 - motown/collectables - disco soul 80s, killer tunetrevor walters - stuck on you - i & s - rare reggae 45 - 1983jimmy cliff - the harder they come/ you can get it if you... - mango - rare reggae 45 - 1973!sam & dave - knock it out the park/you easily excite me atlantic killer soul/funk 45roberta flack - jesse/no tears - atlantic - sweet soul 1973duponts - stranger on the shore/stay for the summer - atlantic - ultra rare sweet soulvoyage - lets fly away/gone with the music - marlin-tk rec - obscure disco style 45segio mendes & brasil 66 - look of love/night & day - a&m - classic sergio mendes, easy listening with brasil influencerustix - i guess this is goodbye/can't you here the music... - rare earth - beatatlantic starr - gimme your luvin/with your love/don't abuse- a&m uk - classic disco, funky, 1978jackson sisters/urban allstars - when the love is gone/it began in africa - urban uk - ultra rare female soul and an obscure funky remix medley...for djs!soul children- kindness for weakness/it ain't always what you do... - stax german - southern souljr. Walker - soul clapping/i'm so glad - tamla motown (ger) - funky stuff! 1975impressions - something said love - ripete - 80s soul 45chic - good times/a warm summer night - atlantic (no us press) - classic disco soul, groovy and funky 1979j.k.d. Band- dragon power part 1 & 2, tribute to bruce lee- satril uk - obsure disco tune with bruce lee samples 1978ren woods - sticks & stones/hooked on a love groove- cbs italy - cool disco soul grooves 1980stevie wonder- don't you worry bout a thing/blame it... - tamla - classic funky soul tune - killer!doug gibbs - cloudy day/always have you there - oak - ultra rare and smooth soul tune -end 70s???-faith, hope & charity - let's try it over/so much love - maxwell - rare killer northern soul-hard to find-barrett strong- money /oh, i apologize - tamla motown (ger) - killer groove...maxine nightingale - love hit me/life has just begun - united artists (ger) - love hit me is a northern uptempo tunejohnny gill - rub you the right way/my, my, my - motown/collectablesClovers- your cash.../i've got my eyes on you - atlantic - doo wop at its bestmilt matthews - this is my song/stop that train - h&l - rare 70s soulclarence carter - love me with a feling/strokin - ichiban - 80s soul 45imperials - do what i gotta do/dance with me- power exchange uk - rare end 70s soulful 45rotary connection - memory band/want you to know - cadet concept - ultra rare 45-for djs! Samples!ritchie family- best disco in town- marlin-tk rec - classic disco tune 1976patrice rushen- haven't you heard/let the music take me - elektra (no us) - killer disco soul/funk 1980cissy houston - he-i believe/i'll be there - commonwealth - rare sweet soult-connection - groove to get down/let yourself go - t.k. - funky stuff! 1977t-connection - on fire/go back home - dash-tk rec - funky stuff! 1977peter brown- can't be love/do it to me...- t.k. italy - funky stuff! 1980
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