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B.Cause, MorseCode, Matthew Africa and Shane KingThe motherfucking realness is going down bitches! No bitchmade singing bullshit allowed. No fucking t-pain, no justin timberlake remixes, no played the fuck out hiphop "classics", no fucking mashups, no bmore club, no r&b bullshit, no white guy dreads playing dancehall, no top 40 becky bullshit, no fucking requests, no birthdays, no bottle service, no ultra lounge bullshit full of lames, no lighted floors, no vip shit, no fucking going rsvp, no neosoul bullshit, no ending the night with 93 till infinity, no fucking souljazzfunkvibes for your softhanded bitchmadeness, no slow dancing, no 80s, no dance dance sucksalot music, no fucking glowsticks, ravetron2000 mixers, no fucking nu rave retardedness, no fucking internet sets, no goddamn fucking house music, no indie rock shake the leg dancing, no fucking I just got into rap, no fucking kufi rap, no fucking white girls in headwrap rap, No fucking new disco, no fucking old disco, no fucking indie rock dance dance sucks sucks, no music for haircuts, no fucking bitchmade with a fancy camera making you an internet bitchmade for pussies who wish they were efamous too, No fucking crybabies who think I'm too angry, no fucking softhands who are scared of beer and yelling, NO MOTHERFUCKING BULLSHITWe got a theme though, it's call MOTHERFUCKING RAP MUSICthis party is only going to be hardcore raps and banging ass beats done the way rap music was suppose to be, angry. Man up or eat a dick you cocks.If you're significant other is concerned with your bitchmade ass attending this party then get a motherfucking permission slip you goddamn pussy.Heads ain't ready for this shit at all


  • That write-up is on some realness. Feeling that. Wish I could be there.

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    after hearing about your destruction at the rub I wqish you where theere also

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    I further understand and agree that I assume full responsibility for any loss or
    damage to property, or bodily injury to others cause by the above named child/spouse,
    whether by accident or intent.

    ..or intent! hahaha awesome! ima slide through after i drop the wife off at the airport.

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    you rang....

  • cascas 1,484 Posts
    jinx in the club = raer!

    twill be good times!!

  • YES

  • if you punch me on the floor you're getting kicked in the nuts

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    its not my fault if you run into a fist, especially considering how uncoordinated you are when drinking.

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    yo, ms. head. i came up for an idea for a good logo for you. get at me tomorrow for the low.downing.

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    oh jesus I can only imagine what this softbach logo is gonna look like

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    oh jesus I can only imagine what this softbach logo is gonna look like

    you can't steal my joy, devil.

    G.P. are you with me?!?!

    i feel like having some church up in here!

    stomp, you dirty heathen.

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    Jesus is not allowed at Hard As Fuck.

  • I got to my our last night and started setting up shop, when I noticed a flyer for this event laying on the floor of the booth.

    Ripped in half.

  • "Thank you, DJs."
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