Funky Loops You Freaked but Forgot About???

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Hey,I'm listening to some old demo material, production for this group called Original Environment from about '92-'93. Anyway, I was impressed by that "Sunshine Alley" loop by Stanley Turrentine I used for that, one I haven't thought of in years. Some other loops that struck me when I played some other joints were:-"Be My Friend"-Ripple.-"Mother's Theme (Mama)-The Mack OST (I rocked this with the "Spinning Wheel" break, freaked; I'll post this if I can find it on CD).-"Street Singer"-Walt Bolden.-"Fur Elise"-Vanilla Fudge.-"By the Time I Get to Phoenix"-Young-Holt Unlimited.-"Little Green Apples"-Ray Bryant.-"I Got it Bad, and that Ain't Good"-Archie Shepp.What are some loops you tapped back in the day that were funky, but you forgot about 'em?Peace,Big Stacks from Kakalak
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