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damn i didn't miss it yet have i?well, belated happy birthday just in case of the time zone difference!have a good one! meheheh!


  • SoulOnIceSoulOnIce 13,027 Posts
    Dude, Happy Birthday!!

    I was going to give you the Deep Crates 2 DVD.
    but I just found out you can download it for free

  • KineticKinetic 3,738 Posts
    For he's a jolly good vulture...

    Happy Birthday dude. May all your presents be raer!

  • oh heya happy birthday, dj sheep!

  • ageage 1,130 Posts
    Yo B*v:

    Happy B-Day homie and hope to see you in the near homie!
    Try and not to upset anymore crying "Vultures" anymore..
    Well..yeah, go on then!!
    Have an excellent B-day and hope your day is excellent!

    Much peace and respect:

  • Big_ChanBig_Chan 5,088 Posts
    OH SNAP! Really? HAPPY BORN DAY BEVAN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Big up to my crazy Australian brother! I hope you have a great day homie.


  • shooteralishooterali 1,591 Posts
    Hey, Happy! B-Day.Homie!!!

  • edith headedith head 5,106 Posts

  • phatmoneysackphatmoneysack Melbourne 1,124 Posts

  • Happy birthday Sheepy - hope you get some good (Chan approved) scotch single malt !!

  • Hotsauce84Hotsauce84 8,450 Posts
    Happy birthday, hoLmes!

    I hope your girlfriend brings you back another fabulous thrift store surprise!

  • yuichiyuichi Urban sprawl 11,329 Posts
    Sheep Rocks. Happy Birthday!

  • Happy Birthday B!

  • upskibooupskiboo 2,396 Posts
    YO, happy B day hommie...

    hope u get some real nice presents !!

  • i would say happy birthday but i gotta stay on the right side of those vinyl vulture kids, still trying to broker a trade on that klaus wonderlich raer

  • djsheepdjsheep 3,640 Posts
    arigato mr. robotos!

  • bobbydeebobbydee 849 Posts
    Otanjou-bi Omedetou Gozaimasu!

    - from the land of the all white crowd.

  • nzshadownzshadow 5,516 Posts
    Happy Happy fuckstick.

  • fejmelbafejmelba 1,139 Posts
    Happy Happy fuckstick.

    ohh suit you sir
    happy bday

  • RAJRAJ tenacious local 7,736 Posts
    Happy Birthday Bevan!

  • BaptBapt 2,503 Posts
    Happy Birthday Bevan!!!!

  • CosmoCosmo 9,767 Posts
    Happy Happy fuckstick.

    Oh man, I forgot about her. She's great.

    Yo Bev, happy B-day dude. Let's ACTUALLY get up in 08.

  • happy b-day bev!

  • drewnicedrewnice 5,465 Posts
    Happy Birthday, Sheepsickels. Cold as oice!

  • The_NonThe_Non 5,690 Posts
    Happy bday mang. Don't get too cold in Scotland.

  • djsheepdjsheep 3,640 Posts
    thank you my friends, i will be going to US tour and UK tour and Europe tour soon, it will definitley mean to buying beer for people and many hello times...

  • dayday 9,612 Posts
    Happy Birthday brother. Be sure to reach out when you're in the states.

  • snosno 332 Posts
    Happy bday, sir!!!!
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