Egyptian Jazz ... anyone remember?

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Hey there everyone.. a while ago (I can't remember the timeline exactly but within the last year) someone on here posted an announcement with regards to their reissuing of some rare jazz gems.. Now, I can't remember the NAME of the poster or the PRODUCT which they were plugging, but along with pictures of the record release, they posted soundclips.. one of them was apparently a JAZZ BAND from EGYPT.. Sun Ra was mentioned as a an act the group backed (obviously on his visits), but the band was apparently originally Egyptian, the recording done there as well.. if i recall correctly, I believe the poster was EUROPEAN.. almost certain of it, in fact.. possibly from Austria or somewhere around THAT part of Europe.. and the tune in question, the one for which that clip was posted, was f#*%&#% killer!I know this is sketchy, but anyone who remembers ANYTHING about this would be VERY helpful....Thanks!RON


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    Salah Ragab
    The Cairo Jazz Band
    The Cairo Free Jazz Ensemble

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    Re-posting up old alhambra LPs huh.

    What's up with that cover variation of "alpha & omega"? (mine is a little different, kind of a square design)
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