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what the hell is this i'm holding? ('93 impeach instrumental 12" related)any info or help greatly appreciated. thanks in advance.(web search turned up link to vanilla ice's booking agent)


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    Roy C put it out

    Some say its not the OG versions but I don't have the 45 to compare...

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    i got it from a guy who got the releases direct from Roy but had no information on quantity pressed, the number floating around. i guess I am wondering about rarity for lack of ever having seen it before (or maybe it just slipped by under my nose and is mad common). We are about to go on tour in the UK and I'm kind of second guessing throwing this in the set pile of vinyl as I know it is going to be thrashed by the end of the tour.

    It is the same versions of impeach b/w roy c's if only remixed off the masters. the break knocks on the instrumental 12"

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    I think the one I put up went for ~$10 but I don't think people really know about it... it doesn't pop up regularly thats for sure, but the pressing could've been large.

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    I don't think people really know about it...
    good lookin' on the info

  • I had this a while back. I didn't like it for some reason - it sounded too studio, kind of like it was a recent re-recording of the song. That was a while ago, though, so I could be totally wrong.

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    i just a-b'd the 45 and the 12"

    They must have re-downmixed it from the master tapes. The reverb is a little thin and digital shimmery compared to the original but the drums, instruments, etc. are from the same take. the 45 of course sounds much better on second listen but hey, thats analog for ya.

    wierd record
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