Hungarian Jazz 101

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All you heads who get excited by the sight of records on the Hungarian Qualiton,
Hungaroton, Pepita and Krem labels, listen up!

I might have dropped some info months back on this project, but now it has finally
hit the stores (like dustygroove). After spending something like 6 years looking
for the right label, doing the research, completing the tracklist and licensing
tunes, my dj partner Keyser and me have finally completed the definitive 1970s
Hungarian jazz funk 101 compilation (entitled Blue Wave) for the distinctive digger
on both LP and CD. The record just came out on the London based Cosmic Sounds label
together with another comp that covers the 60s modern jazz sound of Hungary (entitled Modern Jazz Anthology) that we also wrote the liner notes to.

Let's listen to Blue Wave:

Let's listen to Modern Jazz Anthology:

I hate doing the hype/spam thing about these records, but we invested too much
work into these comps, so it would be a shame if we let them slip into oblivion
before they got through to the people around the world who never had access to
this music. As breaking even seemed like wishful thinking, we made this a happen
in order to rescue and resurrect this music and will not buy another Lexus from
selling it. Maybe an ice-cream. Cosmic Sounds did an incredible job in reissuing
and compiling mega rare East European jazz in the last 5 years, although they
barely survive on this declining market. Label head Zeljko Kerleta did an
excellent and extremely hard work until now and definitely is in need of support.


  • DubiousDubious 1,865 Posts
    my wife is hungrarian and i've got a zillion pepita / jugotron etc etc 45's i never manage to get through...

  • m_dejeanm_dejean Quadratisch. Praktisch. Gut. 2,946 Posts
    That sounds really nice. Looking forward to checking out the sounds. I've got a few hungarian recs, but not a lot.

  • BlowFlyBlowFly 89 Posts
    Heh - the bloke who runs the record stall next to Honest JOhns in Portobello markets always has these comps.

    will look out for this one
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