OH SCHNAAPS! (soulstrut admin geniuses at work, $)

mylatencymylatency 10,475 Posts
edited June 2005 in Strut Central
sayinghttp://www.soulstrut.com/contact/title.shtmlGENIUS MODE!GET THAT MONEY!


  • lambertlambert 1,166 Posts
    secret valentines begin?

  • noznoz 3,625 Posts
    Purchase a Soul Strut Forums custom title for Someone else

    I>changuh the face of tha gaaame/I>

  • TheMackTheMack 3,414 Posts
    i saw that shit too man. $5 and $10 bucks? PSSSHHHHTTT

  • Jonny_PaycheckJonny_Paycheck 17,825 Posts
    Pay the cost to be the

    Young Boss

  • RaystarRaystar 1,106 Posts
    My co-worker just called me FRESH!... she is in awe of my ability to use Ctrl V to paste words on the puter! So I'm FRESH as in good!
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