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Was in a Salvation Army Store (NZ version of Goodwill) and found a $1 copy of the Chilites Greatest Hits.So what? I hear you say.Well, this one was perhaps the DODGIEST of DODGY bootlegs... released on First Records out of Taiwain. The cover is the crappiest of 3 colour reproductions - like someones taken a photo of the legit one and then printed that, and the wax is about 5th hand and filled with bubbles and bits of bark and leaves...So it looks like shit and sounds like shit... but the on the back cover - which features the hand typed and atrociously translated lyrics ("I'm trying to deep my past behind me.." Eh? What?) is the following inscription...Sorry for the lack of a scan but I assure you this is copied word for word - spelling mistakes and all...Type and dictated by Larry chenyc Nov. 1972 Sanchung FIRST RECORDSTRADITION: A LITTLE NOTE TO A FRIENDSasa: When I frist listen to the songs of A LONELY MAN by the CHI*LIKES I was crying because I make it me feel so sad because I was losting you; -it may say so. That???s what I can???t forget. Now it was six month ago. And today I hear this song again deep in my heart I just seems couldn???t take these songs away as I couldn???t take my memory of yours right the same. Though you told me you???ll be home for tow two weeks. But I can???t wait till that time really mess up my mind. I keep counting the days and wishing you???ll be back here soon as possible then I won???t have to flow any more. You can hear me can???t you? Hoping that it will happen right now.Larry Nov3???72 This has to be my best value find this month / year in terms of pure entertainment - it's on the wall in out living room at the moment and every visitor to our house has a good cackle. The world needs more laughter.I especially like the fact he calls them the CHI*LIKES and the line "I won???t have to flow any more"


  • And I can't help but wonder what became of the guy since then...if he and the girl he was writing to ever hooked up again. We'll never know, of course (both parties could be dead!), but things like this always seem to cross my mind whenever I find things like this stashed inside album covers.

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    that's awesome.

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    Wow! WTF is this?

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    Ha ha, that Chi Likes thing is rad. My girlfriend pulled an 80s JB p/s 12" out of Real Groovy a few weeks ago that had some hilarious stuff written on the cover, along the lines of how it was ok for an 11yo white girl to like soul music if it was sung by real black men etc. I'll try & post a transcription of it sometime.

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    OK, am at my girlfriend's & have the James Brown in front of me, it's actually the "Take A Look At Those Cakes" LP. Amongst the pearls of wisdom sharpied on the front & back are "Kathy Konkel", "my mommy is 47 years old", a whole grip of subtraction sums apparently used to work out the age of mom, a drawing of some sort of animal, "take a look at those cakes jame brown singing on my record but the record belongs to kathy konkel and i am white but i love and like soul singing good soul singing". Priceless words to live by.

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    "take a look at those cakes james brown singing on my record
    but the record belongs to kathy konkel and i am white but i love and
    like soul singing good soul singing".

    she sounds white.

  • Wow! WTF is this?
    not funny

  • Was in a Salvation Army Store (NZ version of Goodwill)
    thought you might be interested to know that we have both in the U.S.
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