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User ID funkysouldance2007vacationformally known as lampadina0Fortunately I can say this is my first experience with a chargeback though the process is not yet complete he has been the biggest pain in the ass to date.In a nutshell:Dude buys records on OCT. 12th and asks if he can wait until the next weeks auctions end to buy more records. Ok. Fine. Oct 22nd comes and goes and he racks up a 93 dollar bill. Well it took over 10 emails and a dispute with ebay to FINALLY get him to pay on Dec. 24th. It took him over 2 months to pay and then it was already too late to file a dispute on the first two items. Fucker.Well, I sent his items yesterday Jan. 7th.. a little more than 2 weeks after he paid. Today I wake up to find he has filed a claim with Paypal for not receiving his items yet. He waited over 2 months to pay and files claim only two weeks after he paid.. Especially after THANKING ME for being so patient.Is there anything I can do?


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    Dude buys records on OCT. 12th and asks if he can wait until the next weeks auctions end to buy more records. Ok. Fine.

    Hmmm, well, in the future I would tell buyers that make this type of request to pay you in full but that you will wait to ship the records and then waive/discount the shipping on any additional records that they might win.

    If nothing else, you'd know earlier in the process whether or not this is a problem buyer.

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    I hate ebay. I'm not using it anymore. I don't understand how it works.

    One thing I don't understand is why are people so insistent that winning bidders come through with the money. Why not write them off as flakes/idiots/assholes and relist the item?

  • I wouldn't have waited around for dude to pay up, but seeing as you did, why did you wait two weeks to ship?

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    why did I wait?.......I dunno bitterness i guess. Its a good point, and my partner also advised against stooping to his level as well. in all fairness he paid on xmas there were all of about 8 days total that the post office was open after the fact ( gerald ford and all ) I know its not excuse but technically I only waited one working week with business days. I didnt feel it a top priority as he had waited two months to pay. I felt weird about it from the its also about learning to trust my gut.

    Mostly I chalk it up as another lesson learned in the business. I wish I would have got the message before I shipped the records, then I would have gladly given him the refund. Now I dont know if I will be out the records and the money.

    Anyways, Dont know if this qualifys him as a bonafide bad bidder but he was / is a huge pain regardless. Be warned.

  • yeah if i were in your shoes I would've drawn the line after two weeks. If the buyer does not pony up at that point they most likely are on some shady schitt and I will sell the item to the next highest, process unpaid item strikes, etc.
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