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Hey, This goes out to all the European cats on soulstrut...can anyone recommend any great disco/funk/boogie parties in European that Kon and I could spin? Any help would be great!peace,Amir


  • OlskiOlski 355 Posts
    I'm filling in for you gyus at Choice Cuts in Dublin on 15 Dec. That's a top notch giig. You shouldn't have cancelled it for real ;-)

    You should also get in touch with Pete from Jelly Jazz in Plymouth. Great guys and great parties!!!

  • Hey Olski,
    Thanks for the info...we cancelled the gig because we didn't have too many others dates lined up. Until now, we have had to pay our way to Europe to DJ...that's mad exp. and the only other dates we had were on the 12th in Croatia and 17th in Amsterdam. As you can see, it doesn't make sense to have too many days off on a tour you lose alot of money that way. So that's why we made the decision to cancel. However, we have hooked up with best kept secret in london for bookings now so everything should be straight.
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