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Krunk, cuz we cooler than
shoes with spinners in em..

FRIDAY, JUNE 3rd: Thanks to everyone who made last week a real banger!! OK Player Crew swung thru and showed us some love, plus mad cats on some Skillz B-Day love, VA bus trip ish! Krunk was wall- to-wall hotness and promises to not slow down this week! Continuing to do it REAL BIG!!

MoCo heroes Vokal Eyez (one of the freshest local hip hop crews) is comprised of Just Dust and MC Liquid aka Conscious Thoughts. You've seen them bless the local underground hip hop scene for years, from open mic and MC battles to live shows alongside Last Emperor and Inspecta Deck. Vokal Eyez presents a creative mixture of booty-shakin', head-nodding, basement inspired beats and thought provoking, in-your-face, battle style lyrics. Recently, VE is fresh out the studio, equip with their new LP to feature artists such as TAMU, Stainless and BILA from House of Lords. If you have heard the demo or seen them in action, you know these cats are a force to be reckoned with...

DJ Stylus always treats our ladies right thru his deep crate digging, his soulful selections and impeccable blends. You've heard the man on your FM dial on a weekly basis for the Decipher Radio Show on 89.3 and witnessed his Krunk induced magic on countless occasions. To show you Krunk means business, here's how we gonna do... ALL LADIES who RSVP by THURSDAY NIGHT get FREE ADMISSION and a FREE SHOT ON KRUNK!! You heard it right! We doing this one up right for our man Stylus!! Hit [email]jessetittsworth@hotmail.com[/email] BEFORE Friday!

This Friday, OPEN MIC, a DOPE live ACT and DJ's that REALLY know how to make you DANCE DANCE DANCE!!!

11-12: OPEN MIC! MC's and spectators, BRING IT!
12-12:30: LIVE SHOW (Vokal Eyez / Just Dust)
12:30-CLOSE: Dj Stylus (dance dance too much booty in the pants)

- Still only $5 for this banana-business!
- Ladies still get a FREE shot with admission!
- Still only 2 blocks from metro!
- Right around the corner from Red/5/1223!
- 2-for-1 shots, $4 beers / $5 mixed drinks!

- Directions including metro: ]http://tittsworth.com/dir[/b]


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    I would like to personally invite you to Club Fur tomorrow/Thursday.

    This is BIG MOE'S MASSIVE MASSIVE PARTY!! We all know he's one of the hardest-working, die-hardest-supporting, genuinely best-hearted individuals around, so *please* come show him some love for what proves to be his greast effort yet!!

    Plus it's not everyday you get the opportunity to experience good underground music in such an elaborate, upscale context. Fur has been described as a massive dance club where "people who hate big nightclubs can hang out...featur[ing] an enormous dance floor, intimate lounges, a smoke-free balcony, theme rooms -- even a late-night espresso bar and cafe."

    For a nice change of pace, a lot of us are getting dressed up (Terri, Dave Nada, Brian Ragz, even CAM ONE!!! have already agreed) so please join us in dressing up but certainly feel free to come as you are! The Krunk Kru will be rockin the "mafia" room on the hip-hop tip and there's TOP TOP TOP quality UK and local DNB in the other main area.

    * * * PLEASE TAKE ADVANTAGE: * * *

    Please e-mail [email]jessetittsworth@hotmail.com[/email] ASAP with you and your crew's real legal name because KRUNK FAM ONLY gets $10 off admission but you must RSVP TODAY!!!

    More info on the party:

    A word on Krunk:
    Krunk was definitely on and poppin' last week. Balls to the wall thanks to everyone who made it so so SO live. Hang tight for pics (if Geina can figure out how to use her new camera ;-) Don't miss another big one this Friday with a LIVE PERFORMANCE from VOKAYLEYES, the continuation of the open mic (from 11-12) and LADIES NIGHT f/ DJ STYLUS! ALSO ALL LADIES THAT RSVP thru Thursday get in FREE with ONE FREE SHOT ON US!! More info on www.tittsworth.com

    Take care and hope to see you out this week!


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    you only post in the announcements board.
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    you should love!

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    grindin.. cuz you know what i keep in tha lining ;-)

    ALL LADIES who RSVP by THURSDAY NIGHT get FREE ADMISSION and a FREE SHOT ON KRUNK!! You heard it right! We doing this one up right for our man Stylus!! Hit [email]jessetittsworth@hotmail.com[/email] BEFORE Friday!



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    pics should be fixed now eh?

    Tonight, don't miss it! Extended the LADIES FREE w/ FREE SHOT RSVP until 5pm today!
    LAST CHANCE!! E-mail [email]jessetittsworth@Hotmail.com[/email] right now!!

    OPEN MIC hosted by TAMU from 11-midnight!
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