Hoctor Tracks Question

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I recently picked up a grip of Jazz dance lps, Orions and Hoctors.I must've got the wrong Giordano's because everything was really forgetable except this one record: "Jazz In Focus" directed by Joe Pugliese.Now I guess my question to you guys is, did Hoctor use the same recordings for different albums? I have two Matt Mattox lp's, and both share at least 50% of the material of the other (Sandy Nelson type breaks snoozers). AND, I swear I remember seeing these tracks credited to different albums. Here are the tracks for Jazz in Focus:BreathingPlie and IsolationsContractions and StretchingAdagio and Port de BrasChump ChangeTheme from "swat"theme from "black belt jones"lady lady ladyhot tripIn the moodNow i'm gonna go out on a limb and guess that the side 1 tracks were used on quite a few albums.Am i Bugging?


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    Naw, this is correct, some of their jams pop up on different titles credited to different artists...

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    Yeah, Side 1 is so generically titled, it's a dead give away.

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    Plie and Isolations
    Contractions and Stretching
    Adagio and Port de Bras

    These are basic dance class exercises. The titles get used over and over again but the music may or may not be different. The point is so the teacher knows what to do with the tracks.
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