if anyone has the new JUVENILE or MACEO albums...

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i have a huge favor to ask... i work for a copyright clearinghouse and need someinfo that would be printed inside the booklets [or on the LP label]... all i need is the names of the composers and the publishers for a couple of songs. this would be that fine print under the name of each song that people usually ignore. i normally wouldn't ask for this, but they're currently not listed at ASCAP, BMI, library of congress, NOTC, or anywhere yet... and i need the info ASAP. either typing the info or scanning the inside of the booklet or LP label would be the biggest favor ever...i need the composer/publisher info on these tracks:JUVENILE:[/b] "Rock Like That" & "Addicted"MACEO BARNES:[/b] "So Get High", "Outta This World", "Go Sit Down' (aka Hoe Sit Down), "Mind Frame", & "Outta Here"/any help is appreciated... and sorry to bug. i'm just trying to get this done by today. thanks.


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    I have the Juvenile album at work. If no-one else comes through before tonight, PM me and I'll get it for you when I'm back in work tomorrow.

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    sounds great. very much appreciated... hopefully the deadline won't get pushed ahead to the end of today... good lookin out no matter what though.
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