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Okay, I was a day late with that Clubbup birthday shit, but while I was melting out the toxins in Terry Melcher???s orgone box, the disembodied head of Al Jackson appeared to me and said ???Yo, take it to the next level, dunn,??? so I???m coming to you now from the far side of a whole week and a half, extending a too-belated but nonetheless well-marinated clockwise twist of the birthday bass-knob to young sherpa DCastillo. Apart from helping to ???jump in??? Marco waaaay back in the prog-rock thread (the o.g., back before the flood), my first interaction with Tenacious DC was when I leveled a criticism--or maybe two (james, not you?!)--at the then-current state of blazing downtempo; dude got at me on the email with only about 5% ???you talking to me????, the remaining 95% being an unfuckwithably earnest explanation of what he at least was trying to do. All class, even then. Before I really realized the kind of torqued ellipses that his mind often moves in, I???m sure I insulted him a few times on some ???Dude, are you high right now????, but now I know that he???s in touch with a whole ???nother power plant. That straightforward, enthusiastic guy who hits you up on the PM? That???s him. The howling weirdo who fucks with the coding on the board and posts up madness (???Your mother???s so overrated that DJ Shadow is white!???)? That???s him, too. I read something about Einstein having a thin membrane that divided the hemispheres of his brain, so that he could simultaneously write one thing with his left hand and another with his right, and that seems generally applicable here; dude rocks his polygonal Don Ellis hat with a ???Party Guard??? half-shirt like it ain???t no thing--even in the midst of getting all Guitar Center on that ass and holding forth on time signatures and wave frequencies and other things similarly leviticously deuteronomous, dude is neva scared of pointing at the speaker and just straight breakfacing like the rest of us chimps. Real heads have witnessed the speed with which he can go from ???Man, you hear that? Those drums? That shit is just???that shit! You know, just...ugh!??? to, like, discussing cymatics. Dude laughs and jokes, but does not play???and all those not knowing get kicked in the leg. Guys this nice and this sincere are usually trying to get with your sister, but Castle is as devoid of guile as anyone you???d care to meet. (Witness: At some club a while ago, some redheaded gal visiting from Kansas City was asking what I thought of Chicago, like, how would I describe the city to a stranger; I was leaning a little past six at the time, so I directed her query to the theretofore-not-paying-attention Dave, who said ???How would I describe Chicago to a stranger? Brass rock. Good arrangements. Why????) A top bloke, genuine as they come, a vast talent on multiple fronts, an underrated writer, one of the only true musical omnivores I know, and a bridge-builder of no small proportion, dude definitely does not have to buy his gravy in a can. Raise your glasses, hide your records, and polish your parquet for the (sorta) b-day b-boy. It's Just Begun


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    5 stars, post of the century. I feel an feeling those bars james.

    Happy (belated) Birthday, DCastillo!

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    happy b-day, ***e! Kick a girl in her grill with your six-step for me.

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    Oh make no mistake James, Sk*tch is high alright.

    But he is that dude. He is the original 5-star SoulStrutter.

    So D*ve you gonna steel me when I hit Chicago June 2-5 or what. Will there be a "Funk Night" I can look at. I want to hang out with Meaty and have him not give me pot again. Hook me up with the Kanye VIP room. I got my pink polo ready, collar popped, jaw wiredropped.

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    Funk night is on the 1st, I think. I'll be coming down for that. If you're in the midwest, Marco, you should consider heading to Indiana for the Ebony Rhythm Band reunion on the 2nd, I heard you're a 'soul heart' donor.

  • Skull Scar Slowly Splits Sloppy Slits - Slow down, dingo
    and lett modulate those Ringo toms

    Gored by a boar, cored like a whore,
    strawberry Smuckers spills to the floor,
    You won't be needing those drums no more

    Demeanor of a laquer-huffer...giggle schitts.
    his Throed Code stopped up your web commode

    come down he no foe now we gwynter saunter inter
    storage units in the center, front and rear of yo shantytown
    Sain in Triplicate. Insane Eliptical brain-wings and ear tits,
    DAVE flipped it.

    Wicked weiner wormhole DOT Dark Sarcasm In The Classroom DOT cum
    DOT in Triplicate (elipsis)
    y-y-y-yo-yo-yo-YO! NEVER ask Task Manager to shut down

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    but have you guys seen all the average dollarbin rock records in this kids collection? puhhhleeeeaaze.

    He messages me on saturday like
    yo, come to my house at three, party
    ohh word? what for?

    so i start typing up a birthday post, 30 minutes later I decide to ask him if that day was actually his birthday and he tells me it was monday. don't feel bad james. when it comes to dave, we're all a little stoned.

    i tip my cherry coke for someone who enjoys enjoying life on all wavelenghts.

    as they say across the pond


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    Dude laughs and jokes, but does not play... .

    G A M E O V E R

  • Brass rock. Good arrangements. Why?


    I met Castle D in person once and he was a class act all the way.

    James, if you keep this level of birthday greeting discourse up, you could (and should) put Hallmark and singing telegrams out of business (but don't put the gorilla telegrams out of business please).

    Happy belated barfday

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    I'm wordless.
    many thanks all of you...
    made my day.

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    yes Dave is indeed "that dude"

    a cooler man hardly exists, happy birthday mine homie.

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    I read something about Einstein having a thin membrane that divided the hemispheres of his brain

    Steven Jesse Bernstein wrote a lot about a similar situation he had/suffered, called Rapid Cycling Disorder. His description was not of the L. Armstrong "woo-hoo" variety, but more like FUCKINGTURNTHISFUCKINGTHINGOFF!

    Neverlessthe, I'd like to say to CastleD, I click on every thread where I see your name, just to be absolutely sure I ain't missing anything.

    I raise my [table]>row[deconstrct]>madness[allfkedup] to you!

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    Dave be birfin!

    Celebrating birthdays is a little morbid isnt it? Yay!!! I'm not dead yet.

    jus playin. happy birthday doggee, keep up the good work.

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    Hell yeah hombre.. lets drink to that.!

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    Oh snap! Happy Good One, D!

    Enjoy and be well!
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