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Attention Office Strutters, and unemployed house-husbands!??Plaese to tune in live and check out my radio show, Lost & Found, which begins streaming at in just a couple of minutes, at Noon EST!??Lost & Found is a long-running (20 years) daily show, with a different DJ each day, playing 60's & 70's music...I was "brought in" to shake up the Deadhead rut things had fallen into, and add a little soul.??If you can, catch the first hour, as I will be opening with an uninterrupted 45 minute set of crossover soul, where psych, rock and soul collide head-on, climaxing with my much-hyped 9+ minute funk-psych version of "Eleanor Rigby" by Don "Sugar Cane" Harris & Harvey Mandel! Also some records I just picked up and hyped in the Weekend Finds thread, like the J.J. Barnes "DayTripper" and the Stu Gardner LP.??Please check it out if you are able, and any feedback (even the classic Soul Strut hateration) is appreciated!?? WMBR


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    NO LOVE set is all straight soul, still going until 2 PM EST, so drop in if ya can...

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    I caught some of it(from Curtis' Move on Up to the end) and enjoyed it thoroghly!

    keep it up!

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    Thanks! Glad to know someone listened, postings like this can be a humbling experience...

    Anyway, if anyone else wants to hear this show (which went quite well except for the turntable that started playing 45 when set on 33 and would not be fixed...), there is an archived MP3 available below.

    Just bear in mind, it is a 2 hour long program (and the MP3 starts at the end of the previous show, about 3 minutes early), and therefore a rather large 113MB file, so only hi-speeders should click!

    To download, click HERE
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