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it's that time again... San Jose's ONLY late-night record swap and listening party is coming back NEXT TUESDAY! if you havent seen this thread before, we're up to swap #3 and the night has been great - excellent vinyl finds, and local DJs/collectors (including a few SS brethren) playing some choice tunes. (and the whole thing is FREE!) We still have room for a couple more sellers, so if anyone's interested or you need more info, send a PM my way...DIG DUG - Tuesday, May 9th 20068-11pm @ the Anno Domini Gallery366 S. 1st Street, downtown San Jose


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    should this be bumped? i hear Todd Inoue will be spinning?


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    Word... I'll be slanging records. Looking forward to it as always.

    DJ Ferrari

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    i hear Todd Inoue will be spinning?

    yes indeed, Metro's own music editor and confessed SoulStrut 'lurker' will be playing.

    see you fools there.


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    thanks for bumpin' this up fellers - should be a fun nite.

    as Mr. b just mentioned, Todd from Metro will be spinning, along with Aaron Cho (local 45/northern soul kid), and one more local collector playing the indie-ala-Stereolab joints...

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    the latest update:[/b]

    We'll begin the evening with a cameo appearance from AD's own Brian Eder[/b]. Brian will play selections from his personal vinyl library, which he started collecting back in the 80's. He's pulled them out and dusted them off for your listening pleasure.

    Metro music editor Todd Inoue[/b] doesn't know what he'll spin until he starts pulling records--which are embarrassingly untouched since his 07-Pro went to crap four years ago. But do expect music on the rap/bass/90s tip.

    James Vidal[/b] is a talented photographer, stencillist, and music afficianado with particular interest in the Chicago post-rock sound of Tortoise, Stereolab, et. al. Though he's not a DJ by trade, I admire his passion for pursuing, collecting, and playing music.

    It seems like everywhere I go, I run into Aaron aka DJ Air Bear[/b]. He is constantly on the hunt for new sounds, and he plans to play selections that span the range of his eclectic tastes. He is well versed in suchidisyncratic subgenres as Northern Soul, 60's movie soundtracks, and leftfield indie rock.

    Sellers will include Jeff Jagged[/b] and DJ Ferrari[/b], with more to be announced...
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