Slow Suicide Stimulus

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Slow Suicide Stimulus (tame one & dusted dons) new full length, self titled album is out now in stores everywhere. this instant classic is packed with bangers from front to back with some of the game's hottest producers and emcees. the all-star lineup on the sSs record includes El-P, Aesop Rock, Cage, Vast-Aire, Camu-Tao, Yak Ballz, DJ Mighty-Mi, Mondee, Metro, & the grandest of em all, cold crush brother Grand Master Caz. Caz comes with the heat on the group's single "Roll Up" which is already generating a huge buzz on the underground circuit worldwide. don't miss your chance to cop one of the best hip hop albums of 06. check out sSs merchandise and other info on


  • Saw these cats live at a 420 party last year.

    Cant remember much if I liked them or not.......but Tame had a nice collection of Richard Pryor bootleg DVDs he brought with him.

    I like the name of the group though.

  • Not that i'm hatting (i haven't even heard the record), but i'd have been chastised for pushing Nature Sounds releases (where i work) up on this piece. Just sayin.

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    no you would'nt. but you might for calling them "instant classic" and "best release of 06"
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