Ghostface/Ironman ID question...

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Yo just got back from the Ghostface show at First Avenue last night. Shit was cool. M1 (dead prez) and I Self Devine perfomed too. Nice show (crowd was boring as fuck, Whats wrong with you Minnesota?) I paid a dollar to get in. That shit was dope. {doorman voice}:"One dollar please"{my voice}:"for real? word." There was a embarassing bust down convention at the end of the show when Ghost called all of the ladies to the stage. Definitley looked like Sunday night underground rap show, with mad ugly and fat girls crowding the stage forcing rappers to dance with them while they tried to ignore how wack they were. Bogus. Anyhow....During the show ghost did some joints from Ironman and they included the samples like "I'll put trademarks around your fuckin' eye!" and "your whole style is chump!" Immediatley after the show, we jump in the whip, and what's playin' but the same exact shit. So then I realized I still haven't seen the moviethose samples are from. Pardon my ignorance on this one but, what movie is that y'all? Help me out.


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    now I expect when I have a piece of information that I need you will be the first to give me an answer

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    "the education of sonny carson".

  • "the education of sonny carson the father of lumumba carson, a/k/a professor x from x-clan".
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