MAJOR euro 45 LIST! from grails to cheap classics

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As you see there are a couple of good 45s here. I will post my wantlist in the wants-section so you guys see what kind of stuff im after.In a few days i??m gonna make this list avaliable as a set sale list so if you are interested in a trade, be quick! PLACEBO balek / phalene II 45 (cbs) VG+ / VG++ [/b] SOLDOne of the best Placebo tracks on a impossible to find 45. BOB AZZAM rain rain go away / tricky soul 45 (columbia) EX / EX [/b]The two best Bob Azzam tracks. You guys know how rare and expensive the LP is. This 45 is much more rare and this is my first copy. This copy is in perfect condition aswell. MARVA BROOME & THE ART ENSEMBLE OF CHICAGO mystifying mama 45 (horse) EX / EX [/b]Amazing 45 only released in France. This is pure soul / funk / free jazz bliss! Blows "Theme the yo yo" by miles in my opinion. Beautiful copy of this rarity.BRUNO SPOERRI les electroniciens 45 (lansing bagnall) VG+/VG+ [/b]This is one of the weirdest 45s i know of. Onesided drill promotion 45 in oversized sleeve (hence some wear). The music is the best kind of psych/funk work fused with drill sounds. Jazzman rereleased a edit of this one but here you get the whole psyched out song! Plays perfect.ALAIN GORAGUER au dela de la peur OST 45 (philips) EX/EX- [/b]For those who didn??t know this 45 is as good psych/funk soundtrack as La Planete Sauvage. Enough said! (and i am a huge fan of La Planete Sauvage as you might noticed)SERGE GAINSBOURG la pacha OST 45 (philips) EX-/VG+ [/b]"Requiem por un con" is probably my favorite Serge Gainsbourg track and here it is in it??s original form. Supertough breaks and harsh vocals from a mean Serge Gainsbourg. Psychastenie on the flip is a good psych/groove instrumental aswell - only avaliable on this 45.CHUBBY CHECKER my mind / stoned in the bathroom 45 ariola EX / EX [/b] ON HOLDPerfect copy of this indemand psych 45 by Chubby Checker - this sounds more like a acid drenched Hendrix than The Twist.KISS INC hey mr holy man 45 (riviera) EX/EX [/b]If you like religious psych/funk you will dig this one. Some of you guys know the english version but this is the extremly rare french issue with vocals in french "monsieur mon pere". This song is based on the psalm Dies Irae and sound like a vocal version of Ennio Morricones "Dies Irae Psichedelico" done by Serge Gainsbourg. Dope!GEORGE HAYES steeple chase / concerto for right foot and orchestra 45 (smoke) EX / EX [/b]One of the best euro funky 45s i??ve came across. I really can??t decide which track that??s the best. Supertough drums, horns. Sounds like one of the best library recordings!FIKRET KIZILOK ay batti 45 (sahliner)VG+ [/b] ON HOLDIf you play "Ay batti" on 33rpm you get a turkish monster instr. funk track. Breakbeat hammond funk with one of the fattest drumbreaks i??ve heard. TOP CLASS! BRIAN AND CHETTY afrikanska rytmer EP 45 (expo norr) EX / VG+ [/b]The releases on Expo Norr is mostly experimental music but this 45 EP is 5 african groove tracks recorded here in Sweden in 1969. Need i say it??s rare?GIMMICKS h??ll i g??ng / du har ingen aning 45 (discofon) EX / EX [/b]I think this is the first and very rare single with the Gimmicks. This is their versions of "Roda" (Gilberto Gil) and "California My way" sung in swedish. I don??t know if these versions appear on any album but the english versions of the songs appear on Brazilian Samba that i also have for sale. Anyway this is bossa/jazz/latin/scat heaven! Roda is a great version and California my way have a great breakbeat drumming to it. GIMMICKS slippin?? into darkness 45 ex/ex [/b]I didn??t know that Gimmicks great version of Slippin?? into darkness was avaliable on 45 until i stumbled upon this copy. Do i need to say it??s one of my two favorite versions of this song. HANSSON AND KARLSSON liding?? airport / canada lumberyard 45 EX / EX [/b]Liding?? Airport is my favorite track from Hansson & Karlsson and these tracks are only released on this very rare 45. Perfect condition on this one. LIBRE ESPRIT MOTEUR (L.E.M) clubman round up / vacances 45 (evasion) EX / EX- [/b]Wow! Found this for peanuts back in Paris. Two great euro funk 45 tracks. Clubman round up is my fave with it??s fuzz and all the other stuff we enjoy. Vacances is more mellow and was comped on Mindbenders vol 1. This single is pressed louder than the Clubman EP so this one is the one to go for. LYN CHRISTOPHER take me with you 45 (paramount) VG+ [/b]Classic folk funk/soul track on 45! Much more rare than the overexpensive LP You don??t need the LP now that you can get this 45! BERTO PISANO la traccia verde OST 45 (cr) EX-/VG+ [/b]"Flowers" on this 45 isa great italian psych/funk instrumental! Heavy drumbreaks, great guitar licks and all you want from a italian soundtrack!DEMON FUZZ message to the mankind / i put a spell on you 45 (pye/dawn) EX / VG+ [/b]Extremly rare 45 from the holy grail Afreaka! This on is a must for you folk/funk/jazz soul 45 collectors. In a dope picturesleeve aswell. Message to mankind is one of my fave tracks from the LP and the version of I put a spell on you isn??t bad either.GOLGATHA dies irae / children??s game 45 ex/ex- [/b] I can??t get enough versions of Dies Irae. this one from the german krautband Golgatha done in a slow doomy way. THE REVELLS indian ropeman 45 (cbs) VG+ / EX- [/b]Great version of this mod hammond classic by these dutch girls. Bit similar to the Julie Driscoll/Brian Auger version. CHANTAL KELLY notre prof d??anglais EP (philips) EX / EX- [/b]One of the best Ye ye /french beat tracks i know. This is a good price for this one. Recommended!SERGE FRANKLIN le klu klux clan EP 45 (epic) EX / EX [/b]"le ku klux klan" is a great french freakbeat in the weird style of Evariste with phasing and other cool psych effects. GALAXIA la noticia 45 (decca) EX / EX [/b]In demand mod psych/funk rock track from Spain with a really weird rhythmn to it. Very cool, the price on this one will soon be the double.NITE PEOPLE love love love love 45 EX/EX [/b]Cover of Wools "love love love love" and a great version aswell. Housed in a nice euro picture bag. POP INSTRUMENTAL DE FRANCE soho / danse des squellettes 45 (disque vogue) EX- / EX- [/b]45 from the superrare and expensive prog / psych / funk LP from Laurent Petitgerard (the man behind the great Aleph 45s). These two songs are two of the best euro funk/psych/groove tracks out there.HENRI SALVADOR beta gamma ordinateur EP 45 (rigolo) EX/EX [/b]Totally bonkers Salvador track with electronic voice etc. A tough one to turn up. Much better than Carnaby street in my ears. BO DIDDLEY husband in law / bo-jam 45 (chess) EX-/EX [/b]This is the best 45 with Bo Diddley that i know of. Husband in law is a great vocal funker and Bo-jam is a instrumental one. Housed in a cool french sleeve. SHADES OF JOY flute in a quarry 45 (douglas) VG+ [/b]Super rare demo 45 from the El Topo soundtrack. Not the one on Apple but the fantastic and rare one from Shades of Joy. Flute in a q
uarry is a great flute funk track from the soundtrack and is one of the two best tracks on the LP.THE PEDDLERS tell the world we??re not in 45 (philips) EX- [/b] What can i say about this track. Best soul track sung by a white? Supertough hammond. By miles the best Peddlers track in my opinion. No centre. FRANCOIS DE ROUBAIX Astralment Votre 45 (barclay) EX / VG++ [/b]One of the rarest and best Francois De Roubaix 45s. One of his last 45. This is more in his later period electronic style. Funky drumming and electronic, perfect for the dancefloor.Predestination on the flip is a spaced out psych track with female vocals by Elisabeth Teissie done in a very spooky way - as good as the a-side!BRIAN BENNETT solstice / voyage 45 (djm) EX/VG++ [/b]Solstice on 45 - can you believe that! This loud 45 of the Brian Bennett breakbeat classic is hard to find and only released in Spain. JAPANESE SECRET SQUIRREL 45 ! ex / ex [/b]Very dope Japanese funk instro with loads of breaks! Do i have to say this 45 is rare as hence teeth? EWA SWANN le couer fou OST 45 ex/ex barclay [/b]This incredible rare soundtrack is nowhere to be found anywhere. The music? Think Jane Birkin style of singing back by no other than the Jean Claude Vannier.Great for those who like Melody Nelson and such stuff. SUBSTANCE viens saute ce fleuve 45 (free form) EX/VG+ [/b]This obscurity is a great one, tough funky drumbreaks on this prog 45. Must be rare! EHRICO ITHRA pop jazz / 6 ottobre 45 (rifi) EX-/EX [/b]"Pop Jazz" is a bit of a misleading name for this track since this track isn??t very pop, more jazz and funk. It begins with a great drumbreakand it is a really good funky one. 6 ootobre is a easy/scat track that i know some heads will like.MERRY CLAYTON gimme shelter 45 (a&m) EX / EX- [/b]Classic funky version of the Stones classic in a great french sleeve.MERRY CLAYTON keep your eye on the sparrow 45 (ode70) ex / ex [/b] Fantastic version of the Sammy Davis Jr classic modanthem. I wonder why this isn??t more famous? Should soon be big so get this cheap and with a unique Swedish picture sleeve aswell. PROUD MARY i want to talk about myself / we??ll make it alright 45 pink elephant EX/EX [/b]Didn??t know there where singles from this band other than the reissue 45 that LicouriceSoul released recently. Great psychrock with female vocals done by Stef Sulkes band. JIMMY PRYDE funky beggarman 45 (polydor) EX [/b] The track you want from the more common and more expensive Jimmy Pryde LP . Bagpipefunk!GINGER ALE gin fizz 45 (eagle) VG+ / EX] [/b] euro funk / groove rarity from holland. Almost a third of the price for this one that a certain UK mailorder wants for this one.SOMEBODY think what you like / follow me 45 (emi) VG+ / EX- [/b]Rare euro groove 45 that not that many people know about. Psyched out funky stuff with mad laughter. SHOGUN lonely man OST 45 (cbs) EX / EX [/b]I am not a fan of late 70s / 80s soul but this japanese soundtrack 45 catched my interest since the track Lonely man is a superslick fantastic modern soul track that i guess is pretty rare and unknown? So the hype starts here! PATCHWORK afro disiac / laughing sam (on the telephone) 45 (biram) EX / EX- [/b]Laughing Sam was compiled by Bob Stanley on the brilliant Magpie comp but Afro Disiac is my fave track on this euro funk 45. This one got the dope french voodoo picturesleeve.EGBERT DOUWE het gerucht 45 vg+/vg+ [/b]Great dutch breakbeat version of Nino Ferrers modclassic "Mao et moa" (I have this song in french, spanish, dutch and german, are there more versions?) POP STARS starlight OST 45 (az) EX / EX [/b]"Musique Suspense" is a great.....musique suspense. Don??t know how these frenchmen do it. Herve Roy is behind this moniker. Funky! THE POWER PACK oh calcutta / soul searchin?? 45 (polydor) EX- / EX [/b]You may know of the Nick Ingmans Power Pack LP but this 45 is great with the fuzzdrenched easy track Oh Calcutta (better than all other versions i think) and the funky instro Soul Searchin??. I think they??re exclusive to this 45. Housed in a cool picturesleeve. J J BAND something to live for / i??m through with you 45 (columbia) EX / EX [/b]Wow, did you know there was a 45 from their legendary second album? Anyway, there is! Not my favorite track (reqiuem for a lost planet) but two other good ones. For you who don??t know the deal with this band they??re a jazz funk outfit with members from Placebo and worked with Brian Bennett - so you know the drums are superfat! BJ??RN J:son LINDH the pond 45 (metronome) EX - [/b]This is for me the best BJ??rn J.son Lindh track and here on a very rare 45 (only 45 from Jayson i??ve seen). This is a downtempo protohiphop funk track with Jaysons great fluteplay all over it. Only copy i??ve seen of it and I live in Sweden.PHILIPPE CARLE (Averne System Jo Sony) Occitania / Lo Cruzadio 45 (cbs) EX / EX[/b]A 45 from one of the sought after April Orchestra libraries! ANd the two tracks are very cool aswell. Funky groovy psych jazz! THE PEDDLERS on a clear day / comin' home baby 45 (epic) VG+ [/b]Rare demo only 45 of this sought after free soul track and a version of Coming home baby on the flip! YOU AND THE EXPLOSION BAND the great chase 45 EX / EX [/b] Rare japanese carchase funk from the band behind the great LUPIN the 3RD soundtracks.DELLA REESE compared to what 45 (avco) EX [/b]I picked up this on chance on a record fair. I had heard Della Reese had made some funky stuff but wasn??t expecting this one. Funky as hell version of Compared to what that was recently compiled on SoulJazz compilation Gospel Soul. Hard to find on 45. JULIETTE mon amour 45 (metronome) EX / VG+ [/b]You all know about this Rita - Sexologie 45s and the like but this unknown gem is a slow funky psych/erotic track. Right up my alley this one and this is my first spare copy. NICK INGMAN terminator EP (emi) EX [/b] Nice demo only 45 from Nick Ingmans great TERMINATOR library LP. Funky ibrary stuff on 45 isn??t very easy to find. Tracks are Brass Knuckles / Terminator / American pieMAX B brazil rytms EP 45 (colibri) EX / EX [/b]"Bananticoco" on this 45 is recently released as a re-edit 12" but the winner for me on this 45 is "Batcuda Brasiliera", it was made for the dancefloors. J P MILLER chilla 45 (atlantide) ex/ex [/b] A unknown gem here that i discovered when i was in Paris last year. The instrumental to J P Millers song Chilla is one of the coolest tracks i have discovered. Great drums, amazing flute and then a fantastic choir. Perfect for the sampler aswell, i know i would have if i was a producer. SPIN grasshopper / little bitch 45 (eurodisc) VG+ / VG+ [/b] Grasshopper is my favorite track from the quite expensive SPIN LP so now you don??t have to get the LP. RAW and FUNKY euro 45!STIX AND STONED rouge plant instr. 45 (bumpshop) EX[/b] Slow moody instrumental funk from the US. Rare private pressing.HOT ROCKS chopper 45 (bell) EX / EX [/b] Do you like the track Flash by Duke of Burlington? Then you gonna love this fat UK funk 45 although this issue is housed in a italian sleeve. Breaks! OILING BOILING funkalator / groovy samba 45 (cbs) EX /EX [/b] Rare 45 with two of the best tracks from Matti Oilings second album. Finnish instrumental euro funk! PAUL NICHOLAS lamplighter 45 (rso) EX / EX [/b] Great funk/rock/mod track with great breakbeat drums. This is the more common second press BUT housed in a fantastic italian picturesleeve. Didn??t know this one came with a picturesleeve. Thought i
t was UK only. LAURENT PERRIER asturias / pop six cordes 45 (polydor) VG+/EX [/b]They released some weird 45s in France. This one builds up slowly with great drums. Sound like stuff that Morricone would be proud of. LOS PEKENIKES el valor de 6 penikes 45 (opalo) EX / EX [/b] ON HOLDGreat instrumental euro funk 45 from Spain with a great KPM library sound to it!. YUSUF LATEEF bishop school / raymond winchester 45 (atlantic) EX [/b] Bishop school is the best track from Lateefs Detroit album and that??s one oif his funkiest albums. Tough! MARIO PAGARO le rock du roc 45 (atlas copco) EX / EX [/b]If you though Bruno Spoerri was the only drill machine funk 45 there we??re this french promotion 45 for Atlas Copco drills proves you wrong!ENNIO MORRICONE citta violenta OST 45 (rca) EX-/VG+ [/b]French 45 issue from this great Morricone. Not easy to find!CHARLY AND THE BOURBON FAMILY boogachi 45 (decca) EX [/b]This is one of my top 5 vocal funk tracks. Raw freaked-out vocals and drums that pound harder than steel. This one is on a Decca (known for quality loud pressings) demo issue - don??t think it got a real release in the UK (correct me if im wrong). GOLDRUSH for a few dollars more 45 (decca) EX [/b]Nice demo copy of the obscure band Goldrush electronic and funky version of Morricones spaghetti classic from 1973. Sounds like it would be cheesy but it??s not, just cool. JEAN PAUL & ANGELIQUE flute??s wind / harmattan 45 (equipe) VG+/EX- [/b]Two of the best tracks (along with Africa Sound) from the cool italian LP with hippies Jean Paul & Angelique. Funky flutes and scat is what they serve and on Flutes wind backed with a stoned groove. Very rare on 45.GEORGES GARVARENTZ le temps de loups 45 (mf) EX/EX [/b]One of my favorite french soundtrack 45s. This often comped track is a jazz/funk chase track. DAVID AXELROD/ELECTRIC PRUNES help us / the adoration 45 (reprise) VG+ [/b]i believe there are only 2 Axelrod 45s and this promo 45 is one of the. From the fantastic Release of an Oath album.HENRI TEXIER l??elephant /l??ecluse 45 (eurodisc) EX/EX [/b]This rare 45 with french jazz guy Texier is not what you find every day. Great moody jazz with scat on both sides.MOHAMMED RAFI/ASHA BHOSLE chhotisi mulaqat OST 45 (angel) VG+/VG+ [/b]Great bollywood mover with wild guitars and singing by Mohammed Rafi and Asha Bhosle. Quality bollywood! MOHAMMED RAFI & ASHA BHOSLE w/ R D BURMAN teesri manzil OST 45 (angel) VG+/VG+ [/b]Great bollywood mover with wild guitars and singing by Mohammed Rafi and Asha Bhosle. Quality bollywood! BRAINBOX to you 45 (impresial) EX-/EX [/b]Great belgian funk rock track!JEAN CLAUDER PELLETIER good morning ma??m / rocket junction 45 (vogue) VG++/VG+ [/b]Great double sided euro funk mover from pelletier. Great drums, horns, everything you??ll need! MAGIC DISCO MACHINE scratchin?? 45 (electrola) EX/EX [/b]Great euro release of this instrumental breakbeat classic house in a really cool picturesleeve. Classic sample.CHRISTOPHE sunny road to salina 45 (motors) EX/VG+[/b]Dark and moody soundtrack instrumental with spooky choirs and tough drums. Tarrantino appearantly used it in Kill Bill 2 aswell. A must if you like Morricone, Vannier or such stuff.FIKRET KIZILOK askin olmadigi yerde / insanmiyim mahlukmuyum otmuyum 45 (sahliner) VG+ [/b]Great turkish anadolu/acid folk/hammond funk.JAZZ SANATORIUM LUDKA JULANA volunteered slavery 45 (panton) EX/EX [/b]Great czech jazz 45 in the Mini Jazz KLub series with a funky version of Roland Kirks Volunteered Slavery. Rare!FRANCIS LAI le voyou OST 45 (UA) EX/EX [/b]Great jazz funk/suspense soundtrack on the track "Le Voyou in action"RALPH LUNDSTEN discophrenia / andromedian nights 45 (emi) EX/VG+ [/b]This one comes with one of the coolest picturesleeves ever. Discophrenia is a classic spacey electronic psych track buti prefer "Andromedian nights". All the key swedish players on this one. Lundsten, J:son Lindh, Schaffer, Gulgowski. Cool to have on 45!PENTANGLE will the circle be unbroken / helping hand 45 EX-/EX [/b]Two great folk tracks from the Reflection album!CHARLY ANTOLINI charly??s new drums / charly in town 45 (cornet) VG+/EX- [/b]You know the deal with Charly right? DRUMS! Two dope drumbased tracks, one of them from the rare soundtrack Engelchen. Cool euro picturesleeve 45!CATHARSIS les chevrons / solstice 45 (saravah) EX / EX [/bCATHARSIS 32 mars / chelum 45 (saravah) EX / EX- [/b]CATHARSIS tunnel extatique / cantique 45 (saravah) EX / EX [/b] Catharsis is a criminally underrated band. I wonder why not more people hype them. Anyone who is interested in psychedelic instrumental prog with great funky drums and worldless choirs raise their hands now. If you like weird dark prog or soundtracks this will be your kind of stuff! MAN erotica / don??t just stand there 45 (pye) EX / VG+ [/b]This is a far better version of the Rita track Erotica than Rita herself. Does anyone know who did this erotic psych/funk track first? VENEICE 18 days 45 (london) EX- [/b]Moody downtempo vocal jazzfunk track. Beautiful track. Recommended! CAETANO VELOSO caetano EP 45 (philips) VG+/VG+ [/b]4 tracks from Caetanos white album - classic tropicalia/bossa, nice to have on single. NINO FERRER + RADIAH the garden 45 (cbs) EX/EX [/b]FANTASTIC FOLK FUNK: One of my best Nino Ferrer tracks. This one he does with soul woman Radiah and backed by the funkband Ice. FEVER EXPLORATION terpsy 45 (fontana) EX / VG+ [/b] Great euro funk 45 from a soundtrack. Think this one got sampled by someone don??t know who though.DIA PROMETIDO persepolis / ruisenor persa 45 (philips) EX / VG+ [/b]Rare spanish only funky 45. Two great tracks with a eastern vibe. You got all you want from a euro funk release on this one! AFRICAN PEOPLE on the march / moovin??on 45 (polydor) VG+/VG+[/b]Cool obscure 45 with two of the best 45s from the rare italian only AFRO/FUNK/ROCK album.BROTHER JACK McDUFF can??t get satisfied pt 1 & 2 45 (atlantic) EX [/b]Great uptempo raving mad mod jazz/funk!PEREZ PRADO imperfect 45 (unifunk) EX / EX [/b]Perez Prado went to Italy and released a couple of italian only 45s together (and one LP?) with italian library/session musicians. Imperfect is a crazy latin instrumental meets electronic psych housed in a great psych art sleeve. SOUL ON DELIVERY crescent boogie 45 (decca) EX [/b]Chris tipped me off on this one. Amazing protohiphop drums on this UK 45. Superfunky! Only selling this cause i got a dope italian picturesleeve issue!PAUL HUMPHREY detroit 45 (lizard) EX [/b]This US 45 reminds me of some of the toughest Eddie Warner funk tracks. When i first got this 45 i listened to the track in repeat for hours!DUKE OF BURLINGTON flash / 30 60 90 45 (maxi) EX-/EX- [/b]We all know that Flash is agreat euro funk track but on the rare french release there is also the great version of 30 60 90!LITTLE RICHARD freedom blues 45 (reprise) EX/EX [/b]Freedom blues is one of Little Richards funkiest moments. Great! JOHN SCHROEDER ORCHESTRA the bird has flown / one way glass 45 (pye) EX [/b]I love John Schroeder and this is one of his best 45s. great downtempo funky tracks. The bird has flown in my favorite but the flip is a cool cover of the classic Manfred Mann Chapter III track! LES VIKINGS puchi??s boogaloo 45 (disque debs) EX/VG+ [/b]Great antilles Boogaloo
track with one of the best picturesleeves i??ve seen. Les Vikings posing in front of a not so fancy car. JAMES CLARKE + SOUNDS theme from "a man of our time / spring bossa 45 (fontana) EX- [/b]two jazzy / bossa tracks taken from a KPM library, from 1968. RARE! SOUL IBERICA BAND laugh on friday, cry on sunday 45 (gip) EX/VG+ [/b]"Laugh on Friday..." is a great funky Kluger/Vangarde(Yamasukis) dancer. CHAPS candy OST 45 (decca) EX/VG+ [/b]"Ascension to virginity" and "Constant journey" on a french 45 only track from Dave Gruisins Candy soundtrack. Raw funky stuff, a perfect 45 in a beautiful sleeve. ZOO tupamaros 45 (riviera) EX / VG+ [/b]Along with "If you lose your woman" this is the best Zoo track. A great very funky rockinstrumental. Nice to have on 45! JANCO NILOVIC (Power) number one/american express 45 (az) EX/EX [/b]Really onscure Nilovic 45 with 2 electronic groove tracks in a super cool picturesleeve. Recommended! JANCO NILOVIC (Spiritus M) restless gringo 45 (ju ju records) EX/VG+ [/b]"Restless gringo" is a spooky instrumental from Nilovic. Never seen this one before!ROD HUNTER snoopy 45 (decca) EX / EX [/b]This track is a proto hiphop track with mostly drums and moog. Perfect to sample or to play out on a club. TOM ZE se o caso e chorar / a baba 45 (continental) EX [/b]Two great tropicalia tracks from the rare and expensive Se O Caso E Chorar album. TOM ZE la vem a onda / escolinha de robo 45 (rge) EX- [/b]Another early 70s 45 from Tom Ze. La vem a onda is a great bossa track and Escolinha de robo a great funky/psych tropicalia tune. TOM ZE solid??o / m??e solteira 45 (continental) EX [/b]Two great bossa tracks from Tom Ze. SECOS & MULHADOS assim assado EP 45 (continental) EX / EX- [/b] Assim Assado from this EP is a great tropicalia tune, the other tracks are just "good" DON COVAY &JEFFERSON LEMON BLUES BAND standing in the grits line 45 (janus) EX [/b]Great raw US funk with loads of breaks. AFRIKANDERS africa / tamba 45 (rca) EX/EX [/b]Two afroinspired downtempo track with some good drums and a great dark mood. RUBY ANDREWS you ole boo boo you / gotta get away 45 (zodiac) EX [/b]"you ole boo boo you" is a great female funker and "gotta get away" is a great soultrack. On the collectable Zodiac label but not as expensive as some of Ruby Andrews 45s, but as good! . POLLY BROWN i??m saving all my love / up in a puff of smoke 45 (gto) ex- / ex [/b]Up in a puff of smoke is seen on some Northern soul playlists but the flipside is the main track for me. A great folk funk/soul track. Recommended!PACHYDERM cascad / heliopolis 45 (wb) ex/ex [/b]Another french euro funk 45 with two funky tracks with great piano. How many singles like this where made in France in the early 70s? Tons and tons it seems.SOUND OF CRISS CROSS bangladesh / blue kirie 45 (barclay) EX / EX [/b] Fuzz, funk and sitar along with some sitar. Do you need more? Maybe some scat. This one comes with all things mentioned. TONY CAMILO theme from police woman 45 (a&m) EX / EX- [/b] A cover of the famous Francis Lai funk track - nice to have since Francis Lais version wasn??t released on a 45. JOHNNY JOHNSON ORCHESTRA the saturday night suit 45 (john collier) EX/EX [/b]UK bigband funk promotion 45 that i think was included on Product Placement or a similar comp. ALICE je voudrais habiter le soleil 45 (byg) VG+/EX- [/b] Rare 45 only french psych/prog with a nice groove to it. Good price for this one.RESONANCE ok chicago 45 (sirocco) EX-/EX [/b]One of the definitive euro funk 45s for me, classic uptempo carchase funk that you will love. Nice picturesleeve.TRIANGLE le temps des tams tams 45 (pathe) VG+/EX- [/b] One of the more rare 45s from this french funky psychrock band. Here they do a instrumental that have a great groove to it. (and those flutes.....)TREMOLOES instant whip 45 (cbs) EX-/VG+ [/b] Classic instrumental UK freakbeat/funk housed in a nice picture sleeve. NIKI & HEINZ boeing 900 45 (cardinal) EX/EX [/b]Really obscure euro funk 45 from Holland in the Duke of Burlington style. YAMASUKI SINGERS anata bakana / kashikofina 45 (biram) EX-EX- [/b]The more rare 45 from the legendary Yamasuki??s album. French funky Japan-exploitation. CAN hunters and collectors 45 (electrola) EX/EX [/b]The only track that you need from their "Landed" album and one of my top 5 Can songs. CAN moonshake / future days 45 (ua) EX/EX- [/b]Classic tracks from the Future days album. Really cool to have on 45.CLAUDE LOMBARD bonjour soleil / FREDDY ZEGERS trip into a dream 45 (palette) EX/EX [/b]A really nice obscure split 45 with a France Gall/Novi Singers jazzy/scat dancer on one side and a psychy spoken word(french) with great drumbreaks all over the track! GUY DELBROUCK / ARTHUR SCHUR rock in the moog / bird dream 45 (new sound) EX/VG+ [/b]A really obscure one, a drum and moog combo. "Rock in the moog" is a good mod psych/funk mover and "Bird dream" is more mellow psychout. Delbrouck & Schur pose with their drumset and Moog in the middle of the forest on the sleeve on this private pressed 45. TITANIC i see no reason pt 1 + 2 45 (cbs)EX/EX [/b]Did you know I see no reason was released on a 45 (better sound than on the LP) and they also spread the track on two sides so the 45 is even more loud!BLACK GORILLA funky jungle 45 (philips) EX / EX [/b] Do you like KPM style library funk? Then you will dig this euro funk 45 housed in a cool sleeve. This is a certain belgian jazz/funk outfit under another name. MARIO NASCIMBENE pronto c??e?? una certa giuliana per te OST 45 (italdisc) EX / EX [/b] This must be a real rarity since i can??t find any info on the net on this single. Nascimbene made loads of sundtracks and i think he did libraries as well. "Shake" is the track on this one and it??s a easy funk track done in a typical italian soundtrack style. CEM KARACA / MOGOLLAR obur d??nya 45 (yawuz) EX/VG [/b] Great turkish psych - would be a lot more $$$ if the condition was better but like all turkish 45s this is a loud pressing so it sounds pretty good considered there are some marks on this one. MOGOLLAR / CEM KARACA gurbet /namus belasi 45 (yawuz) EX/VG [/b] Another of those great turkish psych 45s. Got some marks but it??s aloud pressing. BARIS MANCO gulme ha gulme / nazar eyle nazar eyle 45 (yawuz) EX / VG [/b]Baris Manco is with no kompetition my favorite turkish artist. The stuff he did with Kuralan Expres. Steamin?? hot! Again marks but loud pressing.BARIS MANCO bir bahar aksami / estragon kalesi 45 (yawuz) EX / VG [/b]Kurtalan Expres is posing on top of a car on the backside of the sleeve. Enough said. Marks but loud pressing. DYNASTIE CRISIS faust 72 45 (emi pathe) VG+/EX [/b]Cheap copy of this indemand prog / funk / rock track. usually goes for between $30 and $60.SOUL VIBRATIONS organ vibrations / sex vibrations 45 (apollo) EX-/VG+ [/b] Great exploitation organfunk / erotic groove. Classic! THE CHAKACHAS jungle fever 45 EX-/EX (polydor) [/b]Classic breakbeat erotic funk. A must for everyone who love euro funk 45s. In a nice picturesleeve aswell.THE CHILDREN fire ring 45 (ode70) EX/EX [/b]Promo 45 from rare expensive psych rock album. "Fire Ring" was included on Andy votels "music to watch girls cry" Mix. Essential!BILL COSBY hicky burr 45 (uni) EX [/b]Best and funkiest Bill Cosby 45. You will need this!JA
MES YOUNG BLUES BAND funky booty 45 (jetstream) EX [/b]Very funky US funk 45 instrumental with nice breaks. WILLIE SMITH i got a new thing 45 (genuine) EX [/b]Great wild vocal funk that borrows the "hook and sling" rhythmn!O??DONEL LEVY dawn of a new day / baa waa 45 (groove merchant) EX [/b] Great jazz funk instrumental! Cool on 45! CHARLOTTE LESLIE monsieur harrison 45 (barclay) EX / EX [/b]A obscure 45 with Ms. Leslie where she do a great sitargroove track about that George guy. Recommended if you are into the Ye ye sound.JOHN SCHROEDER ORCHESTRA lovin?? you girl / soul for sale 45 (pye) EX [/b] "Soul for sale" is a Northern soul classic but the winner on this 45 is the Dusty Fingers comped "Lovin?? you girl" Funky UK breakbeat 45. Second pressing.NUOVA EQUIPE 84 buffa 45 VG+/VG+ [/b]Great italian prog/jazz instrumental, one of my fave italian 45s!REVERBERI studio 3 / carnaval 2 45 (pausa) EX [/b]These two tracks combines classical music with instrumental funk. O??DOINEL LEVY granny /watch what happens 45 (groove merchant) VG+ [/b]Great jazz flute / funk 45!DREAMS new york / medicated goo 45 (columbia) ex [/b]Great funky and spacey latin rock, cool on 45.SYLVANUS i want to take you higher / tightrope 45 (uni) EX/EX [/b]Great funky female version of the Sly Stone classic witg breaks, the flip is great aswell. Comes in a cool artsleeve.DAVID ALEXANDRE WINTER qu??est-ce que j??ai dans??! EP 45 riviera EX/EX [/b]A perfect mod dancer, infectious french version of a Gamble/Huff track. Fills dancefloors!MARC HAMILTON tapis magique 45 (carrere) EX / EX [/b]Great mod sitar/groove!CLINIC laisse aller c??est une valse OST (motors) EX- /EX [/b]Christophes backing band during his most progressive period do a solo soundtrack without the singer. Progressive sound meest easy/scat.MIKE STEIPHENSON gengis khan / slalom 45 (vogue) EX-/EX [/b]Great uptempo euro funk 45 based on piano, drums and piano. Recommended! MIKE STEIPHENSON rainbow / dreams 45 (vogue) VG+/VG+ [/b]Best Steiphenson 45 for me, "Dreams" is a weird scat, funky drumming and piano track that is very infectious! ANDRE GAGNON wow / samba 45 (decca) vg+/vg+ [/b]"Wow" is a great instrumental samba/latin/jazz mover with a great percussion breakdown! Euro picturesleeve.JOYCE WILLIAMS the wrangler shake FLEXI 45 (wrangler) VG+[/b]Obscure promotion flexi 45 for Wrangler Jeans with vocal and instrumental soul/funk/big band mover. Rare?TOM ARENA no more thunder 45 (cbs) EX/EX- [/b]The singer from The Beloved Ones goes single and record a folkfunk 45! Great track, bit like Phil Ochs with breakbeat drumming and female choirs LALO SCHIFRIN theme from enter the dragon OST 45 (wb) EX / EX [/b]Cool japanese issue with picturesleeve. Great classic funk soundtrack from Lalo.MUSIC MAKERS united pt 1 & 2 45 (gamble) EX [/b]Funky instrumental by Gamble/Huff with classic break. ALLESSANDRA AND THE ATOMIC CROCUS ombilic contact 45 (daffodil) EX / VG+ [/b]Bernard Estardy under one of his many disguises. This time he do a downtempo funky electronic dark moody piece. Something for Dusty Fingers fans.ORION street visions 45 (phase4stereo) EX [/b]This promo (only?) 45 is a weird one. Can??t really find that much info on it. Anyway it is a library funk style 45 that builds up to a harder sound. Great!ALAIN GORAGUER j??irai cracher sur vos tombes OST 45 (philips) vg+/vg+ [/b]One of his best soundtracks. This one is in a earlier jazz style but do that with perfection. THE AQUARIANS jungle grass / adela 45 (uni) EX [/b]Great mod latin jazz 45! PETE MOORE/ROLAND SHAW AND HIS ORCHESTRA catwalk / let the love come through 45 (inflight entertainment/deram) [/b]Promo from the comp INFLIGHT ENTERTAINMENT with Pete Moores easy funk classic Catwalk and groovy vocal one from ROLAND SHAW ORCHESTRA.These tracks only released on 45 on this promo i believe.CHI COLTRANE hallelujah 45 (cbs) EX-/EX [/b]Cool funky rock 45! Didn??t know this was on a 45 aswell. In nice PSCECILE AUBRY le jeune fabre OST (Philips) EX/EX- [/b]A-side to this soundtrack 45 is sung by Demis Roussos, avoid! On the flip "A travers montmatre" is a great uptempo chase/suspense style groover with cool flutes.HANK MARVIN boogitoo 45 (columbia) VG+ [/b] One of the best Shadows related funk 45s. Great infectious breakbeat funk instrumental.HANK MARVIN sunday for seven days 45 (columbia)EX [/b]Another funky 45 from Hank, this one was recently comped on the funk rock comp Scorched Earth.MELTING POT kool is the gang/as i lay dying 45 (ampex) EX [/b]Great funky version of "kool of the gang", also try to slow it down! Flipside is as good in my opinion!ROBERT CHARLEBOIS l??agression OST 45 (az) EX-/VG+ [/b]Great instrumental euro funk 45 soundtrack. Heavy drums, acid spiked guitar and you will get moving on the dancefloor. JUPITER SUNSET back in the sun 45 (pathe) EX/EX [/b]Great spooky instrumental psych with fantastic drumming.cheaposCANE AND ABLE be free / maria 45 vg+ rare euro funky soul!ERSEN ve DADSLAR uc kix bir ana / dodstlar beni hatirlasin 45 VG+ TURKISH acidfolk ERSEN ve DADASLAR d??ne sevdigim / derman bulunmaz 45 VG+ turkish acidfolk[/b]THE BLACKBYRDS do it fluid 45 EX funkclassicTHE BLACKBYRDS walking in rhytmn / the baby EX twosider FUNK [/b] BOBBY MARCHAN bump that booty / ain??t nothing wrong with whitey 45 EX- US FUNKWALTER FOSTER the peanut man / it makes you wanna cry 45 VG+ funky soul [/b]MERIT HEMMINGSON trollskog / huvva EP 45 VG+ swedish hammond funkHAL BLAINE drums a go go 45 vg+ Funky drumming! [/b]BERNARD ESTARDY (le baronet) the pelican dance 45 electronic funk VG+LARRY PAGE ORCHESTRA erotic soul / rampage 45 EX orchestral funk twosider [/b]BOBBY PATTERSON right on jody / how do you spell love 45 VG+ funky soul in euro sleeveROTATION rotation 3 45 EX eurogroove [/b]BLUE MINK melting pot 45 UK funk eurosleeve EXDUKE OF BURLINGSTON flash 45 EX classic euro funk 45 [/b] BETTY WRIGHT everybody was rockin / show your girl VG+IKE & TINA TURNER i want to take you higher / contact high 45 VG+ 2 raw funk tracks [/b]YAMASUKI??S aieaoa / yamasuki 45 EX classic euro 45ERMA FRANKLIN big boss man 45 VG+ great soul in euro pic [/b]DONALD HEIGHT (the singing preacher) Life is free (you can be what you wanna be) VG+ US FUNKJAY DEE strange funky games and things 45 VG+ funky soul in nice artsleeve [/b]HAPPY STREAKERS pa pa pa 45 EX- french scat/jazzy grooveKARATE kareteka / shaft and karate 45 EX euro funk 45 [/b]SOUNDS NICE sleepless night / continental exchange 45 VG+ UK psych instr. QUINCY JONES money runner /passin the buck 45 VG+ euro pic soundtrack funk [/b]RUFUS THOMAS funky way / i want to hold you 45 exRUFUS THOMAS funky missisippi 45 EX us funk [/b]JOHNNY TAYLOR blues in the night / toe hold / i had a dream / outside love 45 VG+ textpress EP us soulRUFUS THOMAS (do the) push and pull pt 1+2 45 classic brainfreeze funk 45 [/b]RICE AND BEANS ORCHESTRA you??ve got magic / coconut grove 45 EX try slow "magic" down, funky!MOGOLLAR aglama / yalnizligin acikli guldurusu 45 VG classic turkish psych/funk [/b]BUDDY MILES / SANTANA them changes 45 VG+ classic funk rock 45TITANIC sultana 45 VG+ funky euro instrumental classic [/b]DOC AND PROHIBITION nothing is changed 45 VG+ great funky euro soul WILD MA
GNOLIAS smoke my peace pipe / handa wanda VG+ classic funk doublesider in euro pic sleeve [/b]EDDIE BO check the bucket 45 vg CLASSIC New ORLEANS FUNKTONY SHERMAN AND REALITY slippin into darkness / tonight 45 vg rare euro funk version [/b]AYERS ROCK lady montego 45 australian folk funk/rock 45 EXIRMA THOMAS cheater man 45 great soul 45 in euro ps VG+ [/b]EDWARD HULEWICZ o biel ni ce 45 EP VG+ polish beat with breaks DONALD BYRD change (makes you wanna hustle) p1&2 EX classic jazz funk in nice euro sleeve [/b]PIERO UMILIANI mah na mah na / you tried to warn me 45 classic italian soundtrack 45 in dope sleeveDAVID WHITAKER champagne party 45 VG+ rare euro jazzy / easy / scat [/b]SPINNERS ghetto child / we belong together 45 EX great 70s soul in a nice eruo sleeve.SLY AND THE FAMILY STONE dance to the music 45 VG+ best SLY STONE in euro sleeve [/b]RAMSEY LEWIS TRIO the "in" crowd / travel on 45 mod classic in euro sleeveEAST OF EDEN jig a jig 45 ex classic funk instrumental on Deram in euro sleeve [/b]FRANCOIS DE ROUBAIX le rapace OST 45 VG+ classic De Roubaix soundtrack. BILL COSBY ben / yes yes yes 45 EX funky Cosby 45 [/b]PROPHETIC BAND also sprach zarathoustra 45 funky version! instrumental used for the ROSKO peacemakerJOE THOMAS plato??s retreat / a place in space 45 twosider instr. jazzy funk in euro PS [/b]ANDRE POPP hot shot 45 vg+ euro grooverPOPPY FAMILY endless sleep /which way are you going billy 45 psych/popsike/folk in euro PS [/b]POP 2000 taking wings 45 raw euro groover VG+RESONANCE ok chicago / yellow train 45 EX- classic euro funk doublesider on UK press [/b]GEORGES RAUDI stercok 45 euro hammondfunk classic EXMANFRED MANN CHAPTER THREE devil woman 45 vg Great funky dark downtempo prog track from rare LP [/b]THE RATTLES the witch / geraldine 45 vg+ funky rock classicRAYMOND RUER / THE PLANETERS get back / daydream / blossom??s shoes / venus 45 VG+ groove hammond [/b]PERFORMANCE red bullet 45 vg+ classic euro funk groover SOUNDS NICE love you too 45 vg+ groovy UK in swedish PS that works great on 45 and 33 [/b]FRED BONGUSTO malizia OST 45 VG+ great groovy weird Cinevox 45IKE AND TINA TURNER funkier than a tweeters mosquito 45 EX classic funktrack [/b]M is unplayed or next to unplayed record with fault no whatsoeverEX is no or almost none faults to sleeve/record and no sound detoriationVG+ show a little use and whatever marks/hairlines that are shown on the record it will make none or little detoration to the sound, maybe some extra sound during a few revolutions but nothing big. . VG i also rarely use but maybe some heavy usage to the sleeve or some bigger marks that make sound detoration on some of the tracks. MY WANTLIST! ALAN BOWN SET / JACQUES LOUSSIER je du massacre OST 45 (vogue)ALAN TRAJAN speak to me clarissa 45ALBERT AYLER new generations / heart love (emi/stateside) 45ANANDA SHANKAR sa-re-ga machan LPANTHONY KING ORCHESTRA wimbledon cricket theme / profile 45ANTONIO CASTRO w.e.l.f.a.r.e 45BERTO PISANO kill! OST (kill them all) 45BETTY HARRIS there??s a break in the road 45 (with PS)BILL COSBY talks to kids about drugs LPBLOSSOMS, THE grandma??s hands 45BOBCATS, THE can??t see for looking 45BOB DOROUGH / GRADY TATE i got six (multplication rock) 45BOB DOWNES no time like the present / keep off the grass 45 (deram)BOHACK it took several wives LP (family friend)BRADY BUNCH, THE candy / drummer man 45 (parlamount)CAN soul desert / she brings the rain 45 (liberty, prefer french issue)CHIFFONS, THE lucky me 45 (laurie)CHOSEN FEW funky buttercup / night and day 45 (any)CHRIS GALLBERT paillasse / sing sing 45 (decca, with PS)CHRISTINE PILZER ah-hem-oh-huh-err EP/SP 45 (philips)CHRISTOPHE the da da song 45DAVID AXELROD / DAVID McCALLUM holy thursday / the edge 45 (boot)DEVIL`S ANVIL karkadon 45ELAINE DELMAR sneakin??up on you 45 (any, prefer dutch with PS)ELLA FITZGERALD sunshine of your love 45 (mps)ENNIO MORRICONE theme from the Exorcist II - Pazulu (japanese) 45EVARISTE wo i nee EP/SP 45 (AZ)ESTELLE LEVITT all i dream 45ESTHER WILLIAMS last night i changed it all (friends & co) 45FLY GUY fly guy rap 12" (gf records)FOURTH WAY, THE the far side of your moon / pink cloud 45 (soul city)FRANCIS LAI l??aventure c??est l??aventure (ua) LPFRANCOIS DE ROUBAIX les amis OST 45FRANCOIS DE ROUBAIX adieu l??ami OST 45FRANCOIS DE ROUBAIX levres rouges OST 45FRANK MICALIZZI chi sei/diabolica OST 45 (any)GERARD MANSET animal on est mal EP 45GOLDEN POT take one / motive 45 (az)GREG PERRY head over heels 45 (chess)HAIZEA hontz gaua LP (any) ???60/15 (OG/reissue)HAL BLAINE psychedelic percussions LP (dunhill)HAROLD McNAIR the hipster 45 (rca)HENRYK DEBICH string beat LP (muza)HORROR CHARLY horror sex LPINCREDIBLE BONGO BAND in a gadda da vida / apache 45 (italian)JACQUES DENJEAN nevrose / psychomaniac 45JACQUES LOUSSIER ballet photo rouge 45JACKSON TWO, THE oh yeah 12"JACK AREL aux frontiere du possible OST 45 (riviera)JACK HAMMER down in the subway 45 (swedish)JANKO NILOVIC psyc impressions LP (Montparnasse 2000)JACQUELINE TAIEB 7AM / tonight i??m going home 45 (fontana, UK only)J C HEAVY that woman??s mind / mr deal 45 (pink elephant)JEAN COHEN SOLAL captain tarthapoum 45JEAN LE FENNEC l??abandon 45 (barclay)JERZY MILIAN orkiestra rozrywkowa LP (muza)JIMMY RADCLIFFE (there goes) the forgotten man 45JOANNA hold-up insuite 45 (palette)JOHN FITCH & ASSOCIATES romantic attitude 45 (french PS preferred)KATHLEEN EMERY sometimes i feel like a motherless child 45 (any)KEITH MANSFIELD boogaloo / soul confusion / soul thing 45s (cbs)KISS INC hey mr holy man / kids are crying 45 (admiral, german w/ PS)KRZYZSTOF KOMEDA cul-de-sac OST EP 45 (philips)LEE HAZLEWOOD down valhallav??gen 45 (viking)LE ORME collage LP (philips)LE ORME felona e sorona LP (philips)LOOSE JOINTS tell you (today) 12" (fourth and broadway)MATCHING MOLE o caroline / signed curtain 45 (cbs)MARIO MOLINO operazione beatMILLENIUM, THE 5:AM / prelude 45 (colmubia)MOLES, THE we are the moles 45 (PS preferred)NICO GOMEZ aquarela 45NINETTE push a little button 45 (pye)NRBQ c??mon everybody / rocket no 9 45 (with ps/without)MONICA ZETTERLUND krama mig och dansa 45MR BROOKS theme from The Family 45MUSIC EMPORIUM nam myo renge kyo / times like this 45 (sentinel)OS MUTANTES bat macumba / fuga II / 2001 / adeus maria fulo EP 45 (polydor)PAWNSHOP, THE the telegraph is calling 45PEOPLE glastonbury 45 (deram)PIERRE HENRY / MIKI THEODORAKIS machine danse / cafe z 45 (boot)PIRANHA SOUNDS, THE la nef des fous 45 (italian, french EP OK also)POOKEY BLOW get (and go to school) 12"RAY BARRETTO together / new york soul 45 (french ps)RAZZY BAILEY AND THE STREET KIDS i hate hate 45 (aquarian)ROUNDTABLE eli??s coming / scarborough fair 45ROY BUDD carter (get carter theme) 45 (pye, japanese/uk)ROY HAMILTON you shook me up 45 (rca)ROY HAMILTON crackin?? up over you 45 (rca)SALAMBOS, THE salambo / slave song 45 (philips)SALENA JONES am i the same girl 45 (any, cbs)SERGE GAINSBOURG / ANNA KARINA anna EP 45SHARON TANDY & FLEUR DE LYS daughter of the moon 45SOUND OF FEELING the hurdy gurdy man / along came sam 7" (limelight)SIDNEY OWENS sputnik 45SILVER APPLES you and i / confusion 45 (kapp)STEVE ELLIS loot OST 45 (cbs)SUICIDE cheree / ghostrider 45 (italian only)SUNFOREST magician in the mountain 45 (deram, exists?)SUN RA rocket #9
45 (saturn)SUN RA space is the place 45 (saturn)SUPERSISTER she was naked / spiral staircase 45 (blossom)SYD DALE the hell raisers theme 45 (decca)TED ATKING ORCHESTRA violin??s sound / strange valley 45TERRY CALLIER i just can??t help myself 45 (cadet)TIMEBOX beggin?? 45 (any, with PS)TIMMY THOMAS have some boogaloo 45VAMPIRES OF DARTMOORE dracula's music cabinet LP (metronome)VAN DYKE PARKS number #9 45 (any)VASHTI (BUNYAN) somethings just stick in your mind 45 (decca?)VASHTI (BUNYAN) love song / train song 45 (decca?)WILLIAM SHELLER erotissimo OST EP 45 (cbs)WILLIAM SHELLER aux aeterna LP (cbs)WOLGANG DAUNER sun is rising 45 (mps)XANADU AND SWEET LADY rapper??s delight 12" (joe gibbs)ULTIMATE SPINACH ego trip / your head is reeling 45 (japanese) ENNIO MORRICONE chi l'ha vista morire LP (cometa)ENNIO MORRICONE cose avete fatta a solange LP (rca)ENNIO MORRICONE il sorriso del grande tentatore (beat)Hit me on the PMs!


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