SPACEDOUT the very best of Nimoy and Shatner

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Hey everyone Im new to this site, I'm looking for a pretty rare record for my collection. Its called SPACEDOUT The very best of Leonard Nimoy and William Shatner. I've been searching Ebay using Nabit and I haven't found it yet, but if you know of where I could get a copy or if you have one you're willing to sell please get back to me. Maybe you could post it on ebay and I could search for it using Nabit. If you havent heard of Nabit its a free software endorsed by ebay that makes bidding way easier. Alright let me know if you come across this album! Ok guys, Live well and prospure!


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    That probably didnt' come out on wax, its a CD compilation from '97

    Shouldn't be too difficult to track down the original LPs it draws from though
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