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I just want to see what cats are talkin' 'bout out here.I have the following pieces to trade. I'm all about filling out my mid-range game, so dudes... holler about that. Doesn't matter the genre. If it's pretty good, I'm probably down for it.A couple weird pieces, no relation...Bobby Hutcherson - Montara LP (VG cover / VG vinyl - graded conservatively)The vinyl a few surface scratches, but doesn't affect play.Mocedades - Eres Tu (Touch The Wind) LP (VG+/VG+)The Impact of Brass - Down At The Brass Works LP (VG+/VG+)For those that just love that Rare Earth label... Belle Epoque - Miss Broadway (VG+/VG+) No drums, just a disco loop.The Politicians Featuring McKinley Jackson (VG++/VG++)Beautiful copy. I copped it for a mid-range price at my favorite shop. I'd like a mid-range trade for this. I mean c'mon, it's Proof of D-12's daddy featured here!Gilbert Becaud (ABL 7036 Stereo) LP on ABLE (VG++/VG++)Gentle Giant - In A Glass House LP (VG++/VG++)Just testing the waters...Oh, I could use these:Jimmy Smith - Blacksmith LP Bernard Wright - 'Nard LP 5 Stairsteps LPs (particularly Love's Happening) Eddie Fisher - Next Generation LP Albino Gorilla - Detroit 1984 Jack Bruce - Things We Like LP 9th Creation - Falling In Love LP


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    Oh snap! I could get used to this. Thanks to those who peeped and responded.

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    im an idiot

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    Proof's pops was in the Polititions? WTF?

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    Proof's pops was in the Polititions? WTF?

    Yeah, that's his face on the cover of the LP.

    Hold on, let me find it and post it. Proof looks just like his Pops.

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    Now that I know how this works, I'll post more pieces later.
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