Cage 1 'Straight From Cage' 12" wanted

DWGDWG 334 Posts
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I'm probably asking in vain, but I'm looking for a copy of Cage 1's 'Straight From Cage', which is on Plush Records from around '90/91, I believe.Recently missed a copy for $10, but hopefully it's out there somewhere.Hit me up via PM if you've got a copy that you'll consider selling or trading.Peace


  • check your PMs Chris

  • ScottScott 420 Posts
    What's the story with this record? I see it on a lot of want lists these days.

  • DWGDWG 334 Posts
    I've posted it up on a few messageboards, but other than that, it's something that was used on one of DJ Koco's mixes (which has made it even more difficult to find now!).

    Nice record - something I've been searching hard for. It's out there (I now know four people with it), but it's eluded me so far.
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