lava lounge tomorrow THURSDAY 11/10 at 10pm

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(CHICAGO)I will be guest DJing tomorrow night (November 10) at Lava Lounge with resident Dj Intel. I'll be playing some 45s early on, then maybe some hip-hop, and dance ish a little later. Either way, it's a laid back spot that fills up later in the eve, and Intel always holds it down with the hip-hop and soul blends.Come by and say hi, buy some drinks, maybe I'll buy you a drink, maybe I will drink so much that I have to walk hom Peace!


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    Please send raers!


  • maaybe i will brieng raer to laensing on saturday night...i'm not sure yaet. hollaer!

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    AW're coming through?

    I'll hit you up later tonigt...studying for a test in abstract algebra... (yay)

    If you need a place to crash just lemme know.
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