Jazz mix for download by professors at war

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Jazz for that azz! A jazz exploration by Professors at war (Larsfrommars & Sweet Premium, Berlin 6. November 2005)


1. Clark Boland Sextett Intro
2. Andrew Hill-Poinsettia
3. Svein Finnerud Trio-Plastic sun
4. Monty Alexander-Spirit of Foo Foo
5. Clark Boland Sextett-Please don`t leave
6. R??sk??wi-G??le G??le Gelin
7. Clarke Boland- The girl and the Turk
8. Erol Peckan-Senlik
9. Gil Evans-Kids having kids
10. Rahsaan Roland Kirk-Swan Lake
11. Hideo Shiraki Quintet-Sakura, Sakura
12. Attila Soller Quartett-Verheissung
13. Nathan Davis-Happy Girl
14. Jorge Lopes Ruiz-Relatos
15. Monk Montgomery-Open your face
16. Quinteplus-?
17. The Cairo Jazz Band-Neveen


  • looks good to me thanx

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    Thanks, very nice. Just my kind of vibe. That Gil Evans 'Kids Having Kids' is

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    Who are the professors at war?

  • p.a.w is just lars from mars and sweet premium, one cratedigger/producer from Oslo/Berlin and one from Gothenburg Sweden.

    the Gil Evans track is called Las Vegas Tango from his Individualism of Gil Evans album. The hardcore mcz is Man and the Machine from Ballymon Ireland


  • This is fab, mixing jazz ain't easy... The transitions are smooth.
    My knowledge about jazz is admittedly fairly crap. This is education. Dope... Ta fellas.

  • DL right now..i really liked that fusionmix you guys did. Thanks!

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    14. Jorge Lopes Ruiz-Relatos

    14. Jorge Lope[color:blue]Z[/b][/color] Ruiz-Relatos

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