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Eagles Suspend Terrell Owens Indefinitely, Two Days After Team Failed to Publicize His 100th TD[/b]

The Associated Press

PHILADELPHIA - Terrell Owens can host an open house, exercise on his front lawn or practice a new touchdown celebration Sunday. He won't be playing for the Philadelphia Eagles. Owens was suspended indefinitely by the Eagles on Saturday, two days after he criticized the organization for not publicly recognizing his 100th career touchdown catch two weeks ago.

The All-Pro wide receiver apologized Friday in a statement and later on his weekly radio show, but the damage already was done.

The Eagles issued a statement that said Owens was suspended "for conduct detrimental to the team." The team added that it will have no further comment.

Owens' agent, Drew Rosenhaus, refused to comment.

It's unlikely Owens will be paid for sitting out this game, though neither the team nor Rosenhaus would discuss the situation. Owens is scheduled to make $3.5 million in base salary this season, so the suspension would cost him more than $200,000 per game if it's without pay.



  • yeah, for the team doesnt have enough problems right now.
    damn, a far cry from last year.
    i want duce back
    and buddy ryan

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    Bout freaking time...................TO = A clubhouse cancer.

  • AaronAaron 977 Posts
    Eagles are done.

  • edpowersedpowers 4,437 Posts







  • does this dude ever quit making noise?


    It ain't over yet, hommie... Beagles are not a one man team in the least (although I must admit T.O. is the one dude who I have no doubts will come to play every game... well, every game when he's not suspended anyway). This is the same core of players that came within a fg of winning it all last year, they can't have gotten so bad this quickly. If the rest of those mutts wake up, realize that can't stroll into the Super Bowl this season and get serious again, Philly will at the very least be a playoff team and I will still win that bet. Remember, edpowers... the Dolphins still have to win some games regardless of how bad Philly may or may not do from here out. And I think we all know that's

    As for this T.O. thing, I'm just wondering what team is gonna take him next season after seeing what a circus he's made of things in SF and now in Philly. Great player, but is it worth all this extra schitt? I guess it will be to somebody. Good luck and may God be with them, whoever that team is. (And BTW, I think the Eagles just want to make T.O. the scapegoat if their season continues imploding... they didn't have to suspend him, he already apologized for his dumbass comments... trust me, T.O. is NOT the reason these dudes have been looking so bad this season... if everybody else was playing like him they'd be 7-0 easily)

  • Man... more info is coming out about this whole T.O. suspension. They're saying on ESPN that this week former eagles player Hugh Douglas came into the locker room and accused certain players of faking injuries, indirectly directing that at T.O. So him and Terrell started scrappin' right there in the locker room! THEN T.O. challenged any player who wanted a piece of him to put 'em up! THEN later McNabb held a players-only meeting (with T.O. present) and laid it down to his teammates, once and for all: either you're with me or you're against me. T.O. had nothing to say. The Eagles brass demanded a public AND private apology to management, the team, and to Donovan. T.O. would not apologize to McNabb. After all of that came the suspension.

    Well, I think everybody knew that this would happen as soon as the team started struggling. It's time for the soap opera to end, I'm pretty sick of the whole thing. Just suspend T.O. for the rest of the season. As good as he is as a player, he's too much of a distraction for this team.

  • ^When did you see that Phil? I didn't see any of that. It makes sense though because on the news they kept saying that he was NOT going to be suspended over and over again. Then all of a sudden he was suspended.

    They need to give B. Dawkins ten minutes of alone time with T.O. so he can convince him to work with others by suplexing his face on the concrete.

    I hope we get rid of T.O. It's not worth it anymore. And i think you'd agree that's the general feeling around town.

  • Okay. It's just getting weirder. Now they're saying on CBS that T.O. is eligible to play against the Redskins tonight. Goddammit, this is a circus of the bizarre. I can't even blame it all on Owens at this point, the whole Eagles team and organization is at fault. Somebody should've put an end to this schitt a long time ago- either management should've taken care of it or if not them, the other players should've policed this mess themselves in the locker room. In other words, the whole damn team shoulda KICKED T.O.'s ASS. Especially after he challenged whoever wanted it to come get some.

  • Owens got into a fight on Wednesday with former Eagles defensive end and current team ambassador Hugh Douglas, the Trenton Times reported and ESPN's Chris Mortensen confirmed Sunday.

    A team source told Mortensen that Douglas, whose post with the Eagles he re-titled "bad-ass-ador"...

    "Bad-ass-ador". HAHAHAHAHAHAHA.

  • edpowersedpowers 4,437 Posts
    Remember, edpowers... the Dolphins still have to win some games

  • Options
    Maybe Miami will sign him


  • RaystarRaystar 1,106 Posts
    Thanks for everything T.O...

  • pacmanpacman 1,113 Posts
    The word of the day is "DeacTOvated"

  • MoSSMoSS 458 Posts
    Damn...for a minute I thought you were shitting on my entire

  • wow. bold bold move. parrt of me is cringing, not wanting to lose all the skills TO brings to the table...
    damn, bold bold move for the birds. i guess we got our foot in our mouths to, cause all the 49er fans were saying it was going to come to this last year. i didnt believe it. shit spiraled out of control in 3 months!!!!! godddddamm. fuck.
    the curse continues, they shouldnt have built higher than billy penn

  • but TO did play real hurt in the superbowl. my hats off to him...he put his career on the line to get this cursed city a title while mcnabb was forgetting how to run a hurry up offense.
    respect and farewell

  • They should have called Pat Croce. I'm serious. Anyways fuck T.O. I hate to lose the talent but whatever. He's not worth it. Sad part is he probably doesn't care.

    Hugh was on Andrew Cataldi (sp?) show and said it was just yelling. They never got into a fist fight.

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    The quote from yahoo was:

    ``I fight for what I think is right. In doing so, I alienated a lot of my fans and my teammates,". The headline said "apology," but this sure isn't an apology as quoted. Did he add, I apologize/I'm sorry after the above? Dude is a selfish self promoting dickhead, fuck that dude.

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    Yeah I've never liked TO's attitude. His attitude has always been shitty. They should just kick him ouit of the league like the NBA did to Isah Rider
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