Hey Californians! (political strut)

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November 8 VOTENo on 74, 75, 76, 77


  • Too bad for us this wasn't another "recall election", heh heh...

  • djannadjanna 1,543 Posts
    Too bad for us this wasn't another "recall election", heh heh...

    I'm sayin.

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    Too bad for us this wasn't another "recall election", heh heh...


    Fuck Arnold, his governorship is like having "The Last Action Hero" playing over and over and over and over...

    Cali Strutters, rep the ballot box!

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    I always thought it was both sad and funny that as a state we decided to put a man who's previous political experience was telling kids to exercise in charge of the 5th largest economy in the world.

    Anyone who seriously thought he would "save" California wasn't doing ther research

    I voted for Larry Flynt

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    "I'm Joseph Wapner. You may remember me from 'The People's Court.' But today I'm here to express my outrage at the obscene amount of money backing Proposition 77. Insurance and oil companies, developers, even Arkansas-based Wal-Mart are funding 77. They want to roll back protections for the environment and the working man, and deregulate the insurance industry. They're selling this as reform? Don't give up your power. No on 77. No on 77. No on 77."

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    Lest we forget prop 73. Unbelievable, that the media/lobbying groups/politicos/pundits have been silent on this one. Parental notification for a minor's right to choose. Although I do not think this will pass, the fact that this decision is on the ballot for the people to decide is alarming. I think we should have a ballot proposition to get rid of the ballot propositions!

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    No on 77. No on 77. No on 77."

    haha. this commercial kills me every time. this part is murderous! i walk aroud screaming this shit all day for no other reason than the way it's said in the commercial.

    you see the jack'n the box commercial with gary coleman? that little motherfucker is in bookoo commercials out here in cali.


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    judge wapner (sp?) is hilarious in that shit... i used to watch peoples court ALL THE TIME. when he left the show and those other knuckleheads jumped on... well, that was the end of court tv for me.

    also, check this that i (really it was the wife) wrote in the announcement forum.

    Vote No!
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