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  • Show us your junk - Mario C

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  • Bicycles

    Here's my latest project. A 1987 GT Pro Performer. Everything is original. My friend bought in new in 1987 and has had it in his garage for years. He decided he was never going to do anything with it and gave it to me. Some of the stickers have dings in them. I may end up replacing the stickers but there's something to be said for being all original even if it doesn't look as clean. For now I'm going to completely disassemble everything, clean the surface rust off the frame, and then reassemble everything with fresh grease.
  • Building a Dance Mix of Funk / Disco - Please Help

    Look up Paradise Garage classic disco tracks. The Larry Levan selections were top notch.
  • Looking for a soul strut new age private press mix CD

    Here's a link to a zip file of the encoded MP3s. I didn't edit all of the ID3 tags but the track list from HCrink's original thread has been copied below.

    1. Red Krayola: "Music"
    2. the shaggs: "My pal Foot Foot"
    3. Silver Jews: "Country Diary of a subway conductor"
    4. Syd Barrett: "dark globe"
    5. Perry L. Jackson: "Desert wind"
    6. Witthuser & Westrup: "Karlchen"
    7. Carol Klyen: "Baby, come closer"
    8. Emerald Web: "Flight of the Raven"
    9. Legendary Pink Dots: "the Hill"
    10. Mobius & Plank: "Rastakraut Pasta"
    11. Silver Apples: "Gypsy Love"
    12. Gershon Kingsley: "Hey Hey"
    13. Ananda Shankar: "Metamorphasis"
    14. Celebration: "Show me a sign"
    15. Pina Nevarez: "Antes Que Me Digas Adios"
    16. El Tropa Loca: "El Mosquito"
    17. Pucho & the Latin Soul Bros: "Got me a good man"
    18. Rodan: "Aub De Baub"
    19. Port Authority: "can't get down if you can't get up"
  • Looking for a soul strut new age private press mix CD

    I found my copy. I'll encode it for you when I have time.