Spontaneous Overthrow - All about money LP

EskapeEskape 36 Posts
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Hi everybody,

I got this LP a while back, and ripped it about three weeks ago.
Since I have received only knowledge from this board, I thought maybe I could do something to the board.
So here you go, enjoy this 320kbps personal rip of this NM record.


P.S: file will be automatically deleted in 10 days as i don't have account in any sharing website. If someone has an account on file hosting site, he certainly can reupload it after!


  • ketanketan Warmly booming riffs 2,159 Posts
    Thank you, Eskape!

  • RAJRAJ tenacious local 7,441 Posts
    Damn !!!

    Attached files

  • DelayDelay 4,532 Posts
    big up yourself

  • yes. and yes.

    i am here for this.

  • caicai spacecho 361 Posts
    Thanks this is really kool.

  • EskapeEskape 36 Posts
    I remember the post with the rip of that "Machine" LP on All Platinum, back in '09 I think.
    That, was really nice!!

  • DocMcCoyDocMcCoy "Go and laugh in your own country!" 5,923 Posts
    A very classy gesture. Thank you.

  • EskapeEskape 36 Posts
    The rip will be down in 3 days.

  • b7pb7p 2 Posts
    Do you still have your copy??

  • RAJRAJ tenacious local 7,441 Posts
    b7p said:
    Do you still have your copy??

    You need the album or the rip?

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