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  • Are we in the Post-rap era?

    Yeah as far as terminology I never found it useful to call stuff "post" anything... I'd call this stuff rap. I like some of it as much as any older stuff I still listen to, but some of it is instant turn-off. I'm much more hot and cold with the recent years of what hip-hop has become.

    Watched DMC's whole rant there, and he's not wrong. But I don't know that you can put the cat back in the bag. Transgressive shit in music feels like it's here to stay, and I think it's of only limited influence on what people actually do. I remember Vince Staples talking about growing up a crip saying when he was like 11 "we played GTA San Andreas and all thought that was what gangbanging was, and we should do it like that, and after a really short time, we realized that shit was stupid". I think likewise you can have media depicting any manner of ridiculous behavior and it's not gonna have much but a limited influence on, basically, 11 year olds for a month before they realize it's fiction. The root cause of people getting shot in Black communities has more to do with wider economic and social factors. Nothing wrong with taking responsibility for your own actions as an individual but there's a lot of external and historical baggage fucking over these communities as a whole that needs to be organized around too.
  • Rap You're Liking

    real New Yorkers:
    - never not wearing Timbs even at the beach
    - never not wearing at LEAST 2 hoodies
    - NEVER turn on the heat
    - sleep in a birds nest
  • ILL-Waukee-The Story Of Milwaukee Rap 1986-1991

    The "hip hop evolution" netflix episode they'll never make! I like hearing about that short era when regional rap scenes were small and weakly connected to national trends and sort of evolved unique regional traits. Actually the HHE on the Bay Area kind of touches on that some.
  • Did we remember Eazy?


    A FAN of American rapper Eazy-E has been successful in a campaign to get his town to immortalise his hip-hop hero.

    Last week, Newhaven resident Guy Stevens demanded his town council erect a statue to the star of Gangsta rap group NWA.

    Newhaven Town Council had previously admitted it had “no idea” who Eazy-E is.

    But has now said it will allow the super fan to build a bench in his honour.

    A jubilant Mr Stevens said: “It’s a great day not just for myself but for the future of Newhaven. I might push for someone to fly over from America for the ceremony.”

    The rapper from Compton, California, achieved success in the early Nineties with songs such as F*** Tha Police, Express Yourself and Real Mutha******** Gs.

    His life was also portrayed in 2015 film Straight Outta Compton. He died of Aids in 1995.

    Newhaven Town Council told The Argus it is now aware of Eazy-E after council officials conducted a Google search.

    It concluded it was “not a fan” of his music. But an offended Mr Stevens said: “They clearly haven’t listened to his song “Sippin on a 40”. But I am grateful they’ve allowed the tribute anyway.”

    Mr Stevens created an online poll which found 36 people would be in favour of an Eazy-E monument.

    The super fan was told by the council he would not be allowed a statue. But it added it would make provisions for an engraved bench if Mr Stevens and the 36 “fellow fans” paid for it.

    Mr Stevens, who is raising £2,000 for the bench, said: “I’ve set up a gofundme page.

    “Any funds left over will be given to local Aids charities in the area so this is all for a good cause. Eazy-E is global. This is bigger than Newhaven. He and 2pac are probably the greatest rappers of all time, along with Kurupt who’s still alive. There are far more than 36 fans.”

    Other Newhaven residents previously branded the campaign a waste of time. Mr Stevens said: “It’s better than nothing which is pretty much all Newhaven has.

    “If people are upset about a bench then they don’t have much going on in their lives.

    “It’s a bit of fun that has brought interest to the town. If they want to do something similar then they should.”

    Mr Stevens created the campaign, in part, as he believes the council “wasted money” on a bandstand in Denton Island, Newhaven.

    The council, which denies the project was a waste of money, has recommended Mr Stevens invite a “local Eazy-E tribute artist” to come and perform on it.

  • Nipsey Hussle RIP