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  • Can I get a Trump Thread?

    From a distance, it's funny to watch developments and think about stuff like, who is going to actually step up and run alongside trump as a VP? Aside from "drunk incoherent aunt at barbeque" Sarah Palin I guess. That'd be funny.

    But really, my more serious view has been that there is definitely a level of unrest we haven't seen in several generations. I'm not talking about the '60s either but the '30s. I'm American, so I've been following Trump's rise, but for example, here in the UK the "Leave the EU" campaign is winning polls based on literally zero positive offerings. What they are campaigning on is "excessive" immigration in this 92+% native-born white country, xenophobia against Turks and Ukranians joining the EU (because it was so bad when Poles, Romanians and whoever else already came, sigh), taking back the ability of the UK government to abolish the Human Rights Act, and other totally odious, dim, narrow-minded nationalism that hasn't taken hold in the western world since the 1930s. Austria nearly elected basically a '30s style fascist a couple weeks ago  in an election almost too close to call, Greece has a rising Nazi party (not even Neo-Nazi), Hungary's third largest party is an irredentist ultranationalist racist party, France is coming close to a X vs. National Front runoff next election...

    While it all manifests slightly differently in the US, I feel it must come from the same root causes. Trump offers national pride to people who have nothing else to be proud of. Much like other hard-right movements (men's rights advocates, white supremacists, etc.) I think it's people whose sole source of self-worth now derives from clinging to irrational superiority through racism, sexism, or in Trump's case, mostly nationalism (with some of everything else in there too), because every other more concrete source of self-worth has been taken from them: economic self-determination, social mobility, community support and involvement, stability, health.

    So, ironically, capitalism and neoliberalism has won so soundly in these countries that they've actually progressed backwards in time and destabilized again. If I was a hard core fan of capitalism, I'd be looking for ways to moderate it, reduce inequality, etc. very quickly because it is going to eat itself with this shit. That's why you see the IMF putting out research saying "jesus, we really screwed up with this austerity stuff, it's actually made things worse just like the leftists said it would". They see they've misbehaved so freely that they've created the conditions for another rise of fascism, nationalism, maybe even world wars.

    So while Trump is a clown we can all hope will lose - and will, if enough people turn out to vote - maybe next week the UK is going to vote to leave the EU and destabilize the fuck out of that situation, maybe hard-right governments are going to be elected in quite a few European countries, including parties who want to invade neighboring countries because of lingering ethnic reasons... maybe next time a version of Trump who isn't a total clown will run and win. There's a lot to fight for and not just sit back and watch now, at any rate.
  • Podcast Suggestions

    re: bodega boys, check out Desus Versus Mero too, their old one, if you want more and don't mind 2014-era topical jokes, I didn't. plus it's pre-mtv so they gave even less of a shit about anything. less "I'm finally making it big" talk and more "I just cashed a 50 cent check for these podcasts". I'm glad to see them get some shine now though.
  • Podcast Suggestions

    BODEGA BOYS two closet 90s rap fans from the bronx talking dirt, like, take any strut discussion topic and make every person posting the funniest motherfucker, it's like that
  • off-brand Meters

    Thanks, I've looked at some covers but only a few - probably worth some more digging. I guess I was finding it hard to imagine nobody else even really played in that style (except if their backing band happened to be the Meters themselves... Nevilles, Toussaint etc.).

    But yeah that's a good point that Modeliste is kind of inimitable even to this day. Hence bar cover bands aren't really what I'm looking for (or what most people are looking for I'd imagine). I guess to broaden a bit, it's more like, artists contemporary with the Meters who were doing a similar instrumental, no-horn-section funk kind of thing. N.O. style optional but a plus. Minimal or stripped back, however you wanna call it. The quest continues.
  • The Getdown (birth of hiphop/Netflix-R)

    The only possible reason that dude's involvement could be good is his ability to stage and film cartoonishly over the top party scenes and his willingness to pummel you with a different music track every thirty seconds with the vocals mixed under the dialogue of the movie. That could work in a series like this. But yeah I hope he's got some good story editors and writers and episode directors to counter his excesses because the story has to be good and that's not his strong point.

    I will czech though.