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klezmer electro-thug beats


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  • The Summer Of Unlove

    Yeah, it's also paralyzing in a way because the fucking egregious shit that makes the rounds everywhere is really only conducive to echo-chamber-gang support or totally unproductive, lengthy, adversarial text-based argument that gets emotional and generalizing and hurtful. So if you want to have the kind of discussions that don't go those two pre-determined ways, you basically can't, at least online. I find that in person I have much more fruitful discussions and I think people are finding with protests and organizing movements that in-person is still the way to go if you want to be heard and understood by even one person.

    These are the bad kind of interesting times, and having moved to the UK I am pretty distraught to NOT be viewing shit from a distance - not necessarily about Brexit as an ideology in and of itself, but the emotions, xenophobia, intolerance, racism, fear, age-ism, and so on that have driven it. I wouldn't mind a Brexit in a country that had a coherent plan to improve society afterwards, but instead it came about due basically to one generation's shortsightedness and smallmindedness and will result in a hard-right government being released off the chain and pressured further from the right to appease those emotions, possibly for years before any challenge to their absolute authority. I can smell the fascism coming just in the way online discourse now plays out.

    And in the States my self-selecting bubble of lefties on social media are tearing themselves apart over the betrayal of Sanders endorsing Clinton, because people can't think beyond personalities and to ideals and policies, can't even look at the personalities as more than Savior or Devil Incarnate. Meanwhile post-thought populism rears its ugly head once again. And of course the usual isms have never gone away.
  • anyone still fusk with film?

    I shoot film on a ridiculously hard to process minox b spy camera, and on a swing-lens panoramic 35mm camera called a Horizon. I have some SLRs, but I tend to use digital for what I'd use the SLRs for. I don't have any recent stuff as it's all in a ziploc in the fridge waiting to be developed but here's some old (18 months+) stuff. My favorite stocks are Ektar 100 and Velvia 50.

    and the minox:

  • Beat Post

    Duder, that clip is good, please do spam away when it's done.  Really listenable but still in the cut & paste style I like. Not so harsh with the sample dissonances, you know what I mean? Not playing up the fact that the beats are shifting and changing. Reminds me of this 12-minute cut and paste thing I downloaded and loved a few years ago from Ill Mondo, some SF producer duo.... oh cool it's still online

  • Rare Funk & Soul Blog

    in the immortal words of a youtube comment I read once, "this shit ridiculous cousin"
  • Can I get a Trump Thread?

    From a distance, it's funny to watch developments and think about stuff like, who is going to actually step up and run alongside trump as a VP? Aside from "drunk incoherent aunt at barbeque" Sarah Palin I guess. That'd be funny.

    But really, my more serious view has been that there is definitely a level of unrest we haven't seen in several generations. I'm not talking about the '60s either but the '30s. I'm American, so I've been following Trump's rise, but for example, here in the UK the "Leave the EU" campaign is winning polls based on literally zero positive offerings. What they are campaigning on is "excessive" immigration in this 92+% native-born white country, xenophobia against Turks and Ukranians joining the EU (because it was so bad when Poles, Romanians and whoever else already came, sigh), taking back the ability of the UK government to abolish the Human Rights Act, and other totally odious, dim, narrow-minded nationalism that hasn't taken hold in the western world since the 1930s. Austria nearly elected basically a '30s style fascist a couple weeks ago  in an election almost too close to call, Greece has a rising Nazi party (not even Neo-Nazi), Hungary's third largest party is an irredentist ultranationalist racist party, France is coming close to a X vs. National Front runoff next election...

    While it all manifests slightly differently in the US, I feel it must come from the same root causes. Trump offers national pride to people who have nothing else to be proud of. Much like other hard-right movements (men's rights advocates, white supremacists, etc.) I think it's people whose sole source of self-worth now derives from clinging to irrational superiority through racism, sexism, or in Trump's case, mostly nationalism (with some of everything else in there too), because every other more concrete source of self-worth has been taken from them: economic self-determination, social mobility, community support and involvement, stability, health.

    So, ironically, capitalism and neoliberalism has won so soundly in these countries that they've actually progressed backwards in time and destabilized again. If I was a hard core fan of capitalism, I'd be looking for ways to moderate it, reduce inequality, etc. very quickly because it is going to eat itself with this shit. That's why you see the IMF putting out research saying "jesus, we really screwed up with this austerity stuff, it's actually made things worse just like the leftists said it would". They see they've misbehaved so freely that they've created the conditions for another rise of fascism, nationalism, maybe even world wars.

    So while Trump is a clown we can all hope will lose - and will, if enough people turn out to vote - maybe next week the UK is going to vote to leave the EU and destabilize the fuck out of that situation, maybe hard-right governments are going to be elected in quite a few European countries, including parties who want to invade neighboring countries because of lingering ethnic reasons... maybe next time a version of Trump who isn't a total clown will run and win. There's a lot to fight for and not just sit back and watch now, at any rate.