klezmer electro-thug beats

klezmer electro-thug beats


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  • The Soul Strut Nostalgia Thread

    various random unidentified shit from ancient prehistory

    Once someone told me there was a Jews For Jesus record with a drum break. 

    I have listened to many many JFJ records trying to find it, but never have. They all suck.

    me and j.darrah got into fisticuffs over miami bass 12s just this morning at the corner of 38th and brookdale.

    this might be from waxi sorry not sure

  • If a Tree Falls on Soul Strut

    I got facebook and it's funny to say but I think there's less genuine engagement even on SS's quieter times. I hit waxidermy as well. Facebook seems like a place to floss boring life milestones or promote gigs you want friends to come represent at but not a good place for focused shit talking or legit discussion. Being organized around a common interest helps I think. 
  • What would Diplo Do? (Acknowledge his strut past?)

    I just remember tripledouble (I think) talking about doing a "fight club" in the parking lot after a night he and Diplo dj'ed, punching each other... shit was one of the funniest things I've read. Like wes got banned from the club "until he was famous". oh weird I have it saved in one of my text documents of random shit:

    yo that shit was a ridiculous night. we had this ongoing fight club thing going at the weekly night we'd spin at a bar. wes and i were punching each other in the face in the parking lot, no one else around. shit was retarded. then all of a sudden theres this homeless guy with a shopping cart asking us if we're all right. "yeah, were friends". "well. friends do that sometimes. can i get a dollar?" wes gives him a bill with blood all over it. then we drive to the end of whitelily's night at silkcity, and end up getting in a fight with the bartenders and "bouncers". wes lost a shoe, got bit on the foot and got banned from the club until he was famous. i lost my cell phone and broke the bartenders ribs when he rushed me when i was on the ground and i donkey kicked him. i didnt know him but we had friends in common who were mad at me for a year. that was pretty much the end of the unofficial fight club 

  • Energy MC2-2 Previously unissued recordings.

    Nice work putting this kind of stuff out. Liking the A-side especially!
  • Bumchunder - another beat


    nice thread tag too