klezmer electro-thug beats

klezmer electro-thug beats


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  • Voodoo Funk vs Austrian Reissue? Label

    I don't know German and didn't do the research Frank did, but my overall impression reading both guys' stuff is

    a. a classic Frank diss track on par with Kon & Amir etc., although he's bringing it journalistic this time with reference citing and hardly any personal flambée

    b. people are complex and it doesn't seem clear that yer man with the reissue label is just some nazi, maybe just an ex-edgelord edgy edgemaster who is now genuinely hella Christian and an honest dealer moving in on Frank's area of expertise

    c. although the saltiness each of them has about "oh well did you pay so-and-so before you reissued that" just goes to show that pimpin' <3000-copy niche reissues of decades-old music from extremely populous countries without good record-keeping or copyright legalities ain't easy and I'm glad I'm not doing that for a living or even a giggle
  • Zone for President!

    Oh man, thanks for this, will be checking it. I heard "5 Star Hooptie" on college radio in like '02 and been a fan ever since. Loving his new stuff too, with the drumming and instrumentals alongside the rapping. I was overdue a retrospective journey though.
  • The 21st Century's Greatest Films

    Like, if there was a sniper aiming at a kid who would pull the trigger if you didn't watch American Sniper again, would you watch it?

    As with any greatest films list, this selection is fucked up to the core. Obviously there are exceptions in the list that I agree with, but movies are too personal for this kind of thing. God, Mulholland Drive sucks so bad, to me. The only purpose in lists like this is for people in the future to look back at them and laugh at what idiots we were for venerating these and not (whatever's gonna stand the test of time, which is unpredictable). 

    Well I guess the other purpose is to generate discussion and disagreement, which it's successfully doing...

    I'd pull like 2 from every 10 on that list and add another 80 that didn't make it on mine.
  • Beat Post

    Hey, I prefer "Let" to "Fries With Dat", but I think Fries has a more skilful production, almost like it's not based on samples. Smooth, you know? I think my preference for reggae sampling hip hop beats to vocal harmony samples makes the difference.
  • DLTE


    but I still have this so