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    Ok. Ridiculous TV pitches. What ya got?

    Airing winter 2017 on Sky One a twist on the Jack The Ripper tale, where dude is literally Hitler. No seriously. He's time traveling Adolf, hunted by time travelling Allied war heroes. We've taken that old moral question, 'If you had a time machine would you go back and kill Hitler?' and flipped it. It's April 1945 and Allied Forces are fast closing in on Nazi command. But top secret German scientists have just invented a time machine and whilst not perfected Hitler sees it as his last hope to save The Reich. So with the Russians knocking on the bunker door to evade capture he jumps in. Forces within the Allied camp are already aware the value of these German scientists and use the danger of them falling into Russian hands to pardon them and bring them to America, where they find out about the time machine and Hitler's escape. So far history has not changed so some figure Hitler failed. But leaving him out there is just not a risk others are willing to accept. Some want to try and use the machine to go back and kill young Hitler, but that's considered too drastic as we just don't know the consequences for history. But he must be stopped, so they send soldiers back to capture him but he always seems one step ahead, like he knows their moves before they make them. Then one crazy scientist believes he's found a way to use the machine to not only track Hitler through time, but tracking his very essence, his soul if you like. They think they can use this to capture his 'essence' and possibly him but it can't simply be used to bring him back because of some complicated science shit. They get close to capturing him, possibly even mortally wounding him but ultimately it fails. As a result Hitler starts quantum leaping into mass murders throughout history, attracted by their similarly evil soul profiles. So now they have to send someone back to hunt Hitler's soul down to save the world from Nazi rule, but to do it they must also hunt all these various killers, glimpses of Jack The Ripper, The Zodiac Killer, Bible John, Donald Trump etc flash across the screen. Who will he jump into next? Can they be not only be 'in time' to catch Hitler but also stop the killers?
    After 5 seasons they finally catch up with him, but it's revealed that through some time travel space time continuum inception style bullshit that time travelling Nazi Hitler was in fact killed in the original hunt. But the time machine reached out into time found the soul of young Hitler, not finding the crazy killer part of his personality it merged him into the bodies/souls of these crazed killers and made him complicit in the butchery all these hundreds of victims all across time. And it was in fact the chasing of young Hitler through time that turned him into a murderous psychopath and who started WW2. If they had just let Nazi Hitler jump back in time young Hitler would've stayed a peaceful vegetarian painter, and that was why time travelling Hitler always failed to change history and save the Reich. Boom your head explodes. 

    copyright, 2016. 
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    some other footwork shit, not new but interesting still

    a doc on the Chicago scene

    DJ Clent making beats

    another battle vid

    bonus beat


    Based on actual court transcripts. (NSFW Audio)


    DOR said:
    Okem said:

    All Wilshere haters can eat a dick.

    My issue with Wilshere is not his play. More to do with injuries and how much he's been out for the past year and a half. I personally don't feel like he's earned his spot on the squad to be honest.
    My comment was just the broadest of broadside swipes and not at all directed at you, I just see a lot of hate directed at him on the internet and I don't feel the majority of it is justifiable. It's just haters hating and so they should have a bag of dicks dispatched to them posthaste because they're obviously in need. 

    But let's address it. So. Being their best player for the majority of the qualifying games that got England into the competition isn't earning a spot. We'll also ignore the fact that he's one of the best English midfielders of his generation and that he brings something to the national team that practically no other player does. That he's now one of the more senior players in the squad who's played at the top level and has more big game experience than a lot of the rest of the team combined. But because he was injured for a long time he doesn't deserve a place?