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  • Donald Trump for President!

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  • Me and DjDay dropped an EP today. Its free. Czeck it or remove your mouth

    Thanks everyone for the kind words and support!
    Vinyl just dropped, will ship immediately. 


    Orders over 40$ get 10% off with promo code RESIST

  • PUTS Or Stay Tuned

    Never reissued, definitely original. 
    probably about 2k made if i had to guess.

    hope that helps?
  • Me and DjDay dropped an EP today. Its free. Czeck it or remove your mouth

    Vinyl presale next week. Free for you now. Still reppin that Strut in 2017.

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  • Remove your mouth, I made Rhythm Roulette

    kicks79 said:
    Congrats but you really reckon dudes where planting records ?
    i watched a bunch and some guys pulled turds of records.
    Yeah. Not all of course, but alot - if only one record to get through it. That's why it was important for me to run in blindfolded without even looking at section, and what the spinning around was for. B+ walked in randomly and was laughing in the background - every time i pulled a record he would yell out "oh you're really fucked now" Lol.

    I also didn't want to be one producers took days or even weeks to finish the beat and then sent it back. Obviously the crew can only film for so long but the point is a large portion of the "producers" aren't relying on a traditional beatmaking talent in the scope of the "roulette" - using the actual records - which sucks. I mean to me, Whats the point if you use a only snippet of a found record and then pad it out with dope drums or keys etc. Why even bother with the record in my opinion.

    Nevertheless, stoked to be finally asked to do it i guess. Now where the fuck is my Cratediggers episode