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  • Paging Batmon - Black Panther film

    Just watched it last night. Definitely one of the most imaginative Marvel movies of all time. Home run in many ways. 

    Strongest Female Characters in an action movie.  

    Movie stealing Villain with clear motivations. 

    The hidden country of Wakanda was fucking dope. 

    A triumph for black film making. Really dope to see a place for black film makers in the MCU. 

    Starring James Brown.


    - spidey
  • The 2017 RIP Thread

    Death is not the end. It's just another change. Rest in Peace Charles Bradley & Sharon Jones. 

    - Spidey
  • The Sunshine Makers

    ppadilha said:
    I watched it late one night and had the volume down low so as not to wake up the baby, but I do remember the story being crazy. Isn't there a part where they stay in some huge mansion making acid or something?
    Yeah.. I mean this story is the shit. I heard a rumor that Vince Gilligan (creator of Breaking Bad) was interested in creating a series based on the life of  "SashaShulgin. I've been patiently excited about that ever since. He could easily do a series about The Sunshine Makers, and I think it would be incredible. If what he did with Breaking Bad is a clue to the quality behind a story like this. We're all in for a treat IMO. 

    - Diego

  • The psychological struggle of the urge to grip vs. the need for a healthy space

    I sold half my records, because I was running out of space. I gave away many just as gifts to friends. I just decided I don't need to keep obsessing over buying records anymore. There's only really a handful of records that I will never sell, but I know that my family won't know what to do with them when I'm dead. I think about this more lately when I feel like buying records I can't afford. 

    - spidey
    The Bizarre
  • What even is Hip Hop?

    Junior said:
    Hi spidey,

    I'm guessing you're familiar with this old SFJ article...

    Thanks for posting it. This is the first time I've seen it, and I guess in the defense of The Arcade Fire, Pavement, The Shins, and Wilco. I don't think those bands ever claimed to be Rock & Roll. I think that the term "Rock" is just a misnomer given to the artists by labels, and whoever categorizes them in record stores, and long winded critics and reviewers. I feel that race might also have something to do with it. Is it fair to call Rock music "White music" or Hip Hop "Black music."

    It reminds me of a girl I used to work with who told me that she only listens to Rock music, and her favorite rock band was Mumford and Sons. Of course she likes the Beatles, Bon Iver, and Father John Misty. 

    You know, "Rock Music."

    - spidey