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  • Evil Shitweasel From Hell Erased

    I am happy that she lived long enough to see a black president in the white house
    She once said that there would be a woman in the White House over her dead body.  So the timing is just about right.

    Not a joke, either, she really said that.

  • The psychological struggle of the urge to grip vs. the need for a healthy space

    Am I sick if I say 3000 records doesn't even seem like a lot?
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  • Latest mass shooting in America

    ketan said:
    Sad and RIP.  Hoping things get better for you all down there.

    Cue Grumpy Obama.  Is anyone else interesting in addressing it down there?  I get the general importance of wedge issues and all, but it's becoming increasingly weird to me when a president can't move the ball on an issue, even if they really want to.  Can't he form some sort of bipartisan committee to craft a serious policy intervention to try out?

    Even from a cynical perspective, wouldn't strong action on a Blue issue rally the base for the coming election?

    (Is he in the NRAs pocket at all? I seriously don't know.)  

    What say the Americans of SS?

    Bipartisan committee?

    You're not from the US, are you?

    The Death Party controls both legislative houses and has no more interest in gun legislation than I have in Beach Boys reissues.

    We could have 10 of these incidents a day and Republicans would just clamp their lips tighter on the NRA's balloon knot.