Matthew Larkin Cassell Reish

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anyone copped? just got mine today and it sounds amazing - first stones throw thing i've bought in ages. Great to see a reissue done right.


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    First time I heard about him. By first listen I really like some of these songs but not everything reissued. A four track EP including "Heaven" and some other favorites would do enough for me.
    "Heaven" is pure genius to me. The producer of this gem must have heard a lot of Mizell Bros. because the combination of bass and low key piano with that rhodes on top seem to be very inspired by Mizell productions of that era.

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    really glad they included the 2 songs from his recent 12", I love 'Meaning of it All' and think it ranks up there with the material on Pieces. Actually same thing w/the spanish-tinged "blind as love can be." MLC is just a great pop songwriter in my opinion-melodic, catchy, and rhythmic.

    will definitely be copping this.

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    All --
    check out the article on Huffington Post about the whole story behind this release. If you don't already know -- it'll def bring a smile to your face.

    I, and more importantly, Matt, would be super jazzed if you guys reposted on facebook or shared on Twitter, etc - whatever social network device you prefer. I've seen a major reaction in people wanting to hear the music after they hear the story - and Matt's definitely deserving of whatever attention he gets. To have gotten to this point is pretty wild and is completely unexpected --- hoping another piece of the chain comes to be because of people loving the music and digging the story.

    If you're not a fan or don't care, all good -- no critiques necessary. But if you are - would be a righteous thing to do. After all - this whole spiel may have never gone down if it weren't for this very site. So, you diss Matt, you diss the Strut! (and, yourself. really - the album's awesome. go cop it and support!!!)

    (or for twitter heads)

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    oh and btw, just so there's no confusion, i have no financial gain from this at all, just want people to hear the music!

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    I'm got a shout out in The Huffington Post article! I too am super jazzed!! Thanks Woimsah!!

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    whos got this LP in stock right now? i wanna buy it!

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    Which specific tracks are omitted from the LP release?

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    Nothing's omitted -- it's the first and second LP plus the 45 he released in 82.

    You can get the vinyl at Fat Beats, Stones Throw, and I believe Dusty Groove. If Amoeba has an online store -- you can get it there too.

    And whoever JV is on Huffington Post -- genius comment.

  • Very cool. I'm going to order my copy right now.

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    Great read - I'd missed the full story previously. Also haven't bought anything Stones Throw related in a long time but definitely going to pick this up.

  • GrandfatherGrandfather 2,303 Posts

    And whoever JV is on Huffington Post -- genius comment.

    Ha! Thanks man, I was serious though.
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