Best Track by Female MC that is NOT MC Lyte

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Here is a little treat for you guys.This first one is pure This lady had balls to be Dissin like this in 88' especially who she is dissin'.....she is right though. The 2nd Verse is kinda before our time of as far as Gay Pride is conserned, its tight as fuck though, just not politically correct nowadays.THE best track by a female MC.Here is another one outta ATL in 92' I'll assume most have probably never heard it before.another dope track by a female that is not MC LyteAside from that I would say:Big C: Look Alive ''I'll brake you off if you wanna be broken''Khia: My Neck, My BackMC Peaches : Commin' Straight Rollin HardCrime Mob : Stiletto's in the ClubConscious Daughters, Big Lady K, Medusa, Apani B, Jackie O, Blade, Juice the list goes on and on.


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    All the Roxanne's are dope! and that chick off the Paul Winley Record, & Blondie's Rapture.... And Queen Latifah with her dancers and MC Coconut Gem was heat when she dissed that dude who did Ride the Cross Fade "You Just a Wanna be LL, but you just Losing it Lame".... Fresh for 87 doggies no the deal before Babyface got Divorced!

  • deejdeej 5,125 Posts

    Mia X - "Mama's Family"

  • LamontLamont 1,086 Posts
    some 16s that are nice:

    Rage - Blunts & Tangueray

    Jane Doe - Blackstar track

  • faux_rillzfaux_rillz 14,343 Posts
    How about Frick & Frack?

    Those were both girls, right?

  • RisingsonRisingson 696 Posts

    The Jackson Two - Oh Yeah

    one of my favourites by female rappers

  • DelayDelay 4,530 Posts
    Antoinette - "Take it from the Top" (Produced by Mantronik)

  • high_chigh_c 1,384 Posts
    Antoinette - Hit em with This

  • knewjakknewjak 1,231 Posts
    cookie crew - 'born this way'

  • robstafarirobstafari 32 Posts
    Antoinette - Hit em with This

    i put my vote in for 'i got an attitude' in the last thread.. bottom line, get this and know.

  • slushslush 691 Posts
    Antoinette - Hit em with This


  • DelayDelay 4,530 Posts
    Alice... you lettin the cat out the bag. this is the final track on Medium: Rare III which I just finished.

    Antoinette's 1st LP was pretty good if memory serves. gotta break that one out for a listen...

  • TREWTREW 2,037 Posts
    Antoinette - Hit em with This

    Michie Mee - Jamaican Funk

  • Young_PhonicsYoung_Phonics 8,041 Posts

  • dayday 9,612 Posts

    !!! I can't wait to play this out (yes Dildo).

  • pcmrpcmr 5,591 Posts
    Concscious Daughters- We roll Deep


    ''they tryin to get a piece of that scarface cut'

    latifahs 1st lp...45 king.

  • Queen Mother Rage - Slipping into Darkness

    Perfect song to hate the white man too on a hot day. And the beat in funky!

  • DelayDelay 4,530 Posts

    !!! I can't wait to play this out (yes Dildo).
    "dont't smoke buddah, that's ok, but you don't like sex? you must be gay!"

    Isis - The Power Of Myself is Moving

  • Special_EdSpecial_Ed 315 Posts
    Lil Kim - Crush On You

  • tuneuptuneup 586 Posts
    Queen Latifah "Dance 4 me" 45 King Uk only of the best hip-hop records ever!!

  • Kinda surprised she hasn't been mentioned?

    But Bahamadia's got some hot tracks on her "Kollage" album...

    Listen to "Spontaneity" and "3 The Hard Way"...

    Where the Jean Grae post at?

  • JacobWizzleJacobWizzle 1,003 Posts
    Roxxane Shante "Super Def Crew" (or whatever its called)
    Lil Kim "Queen Bee Shit" (hardest female song ever!! I know Big wrote the lyrics but who cares)
    Concious Daughters "Funky Expedition"
    Early Latifah
    Rah Digga's "Straight Spittin" (her first album was pretty good)

  • a few randoms I like, not the GOAT but some cutty lil tracks~~~~

    Kimmie Fresh And The People- Don't Let That Be The Reason

    the main track on this ep is an answer to Too Short's Freaky Tales...this track is more uptempo with a budget ass rhythm but the flow is pretty funky...

    Dre Dog and Lo-Lo- u ain't my folks

    Lo Lo comes rugged. I did a lil norcal tour with these folks a long time ago and didn't know about Lo Lo other than she was real chill till she grabbed the mic on stage and rippped it incredibly raw, while jaws dropped.

    Big Lady K- I'm Comin' Out

    Pretty much chomping LAtifah's earlier style but I can't help but like this funky derivative...

  • Nonchalant "5 o clock in the morning" was quite good. The best female album was ra diggas.

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    if ya'll want something thats really REALLY dope on the female MC tip get this joint:

    artist : The Jackson two
    title : Oh yeah
    label : J.C. Rec's - N.Y.
    year : 1980
    vinyl color : Black
    Cover : Plain white sleeve

    its not cheap:

  • DigginDiggin 319 Posts
    Rah Digga and Nonchalant have some really nice tracks.

    How about two Primo productions?

    Lady of Rage - Microphone Pon Cock
    Paula Perry - Extra, Extra

    and a Pete Rock...

    Rah Digga - What They Call Me

  • The Raise UpThe Raise Up Golden Years... wah wah wah 452 Posts

    How about two Primo productions?

    Lady of Rage - Microphone Pon Cock
    Paula Perry - Extra, Extra

    or Bahamadia - True Honey Buns

    like the video for that one as well

  • JustAliceJustAlice 1,308 Posts

    How about three Primo productions?

    Lady of Rage - Microphone Pon Cock
    Paula Perry - Extra, Extra

    Yeah I got that Paula Perry, I like it, the bside is cool as well.

    There is another Primo track from 2000 by a chick named Blade . The track is called Look 4 the Name. Its pretty good for Premiers later work.

  • JuniorJunior 4,853 Posts
    If we can include guest spots then I've always had a soft spot for Mystic's verse on The BUMS Lyfe N Tyme. Love the way she flips her rapping style.
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