Post a song you got your significant other into

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She's been singing this for weeks now...


  • bassiebassie 11,710 Posts
    We Can Work It Out - Stevie Wonder
    President Version - I Roy

  • AlGarthAlGarth 353 Posts
    Well I have been rolling solo for about a year now but.....

    When I had a chack I turned her on to all kinds of stuff. I used to make mix tapes just for her. She really liked "Baby Let Me Take You (in my arms)", McDonald & Giles, Christie McVie to name a few. She was the best girl I've ever had. I remember this time she went with me on a crazy mission into deep mexico to look for records at Swaps etc... It took all day and we didn't find shit and we saw many 3 legged dogs and many poor and dirty people and lifestyles.

    Sometimes I really miss her a lot.
    Other times really I don't.


  • Phill_MostPhill_Most 4,594 Posts
    Asha Puthli "Space Talk"
    Anthony Hamilton "Charlene" (way before it was a hit and before most common folk knew anything about the boy A.H.)
    Kem (his whole debut album)
    Erykah Badu & Wyclef Jean "I'm In Love With You"
    Minnie Riperton "Come Inside Me"

    Lots of smoothed out modern soulish and neo soulish joints. Can't get her to stop rockin' all the latest 50 Cent shit, though! (she ain't really into rap but girlfriend LOVES her some 50 Cent!)

  • ayresayres 1,452 Posts
    Anthony Hamilton "Charlene" (way before it was a hit and before most common folk knew anything about the boy A.H.)


    also Bobby Valentino "Slow Down"
    "Still Tippin"

  • drewnicedrewnice 5,465 Posts
    Minnie Riperton "Come Inside Me"

    ...Inside My Love, right?

  • Ha!

  • drewnicedrewnice 5,465 Posts
    My girl likes:

    Stark's "Dreams"

    Ray Bryant's "Up Above The Rock"

    Co-sign on Anthony Hamilton (that voice does something real deep people)

    Anything Donny Hathaway

    Anything Otis Redding...

    I don't flex my wax on her too much now though. I'll play a clip every now and then of something new I think might catch her ear. She has great taste in music, but I can tell when she tunes out and it's not that tight to be left standing there all hype about whatever's on the platter if the other person's not as into it as you are.

  • Jonny_PaycheckJonny_Paycheck 17,825 Posts
    Slackest LP Ever - "Bathroom Sex"

  • Sun_FortuneSun_Fortune 1,374 Posts
    After 3 years of slowy easing her into tribe, shuggie otis, J5 and others, I have broken through and noticed my S.O. putting this song on her "Sarah's Subway Mix." It has all payed off. She can't get enough hip hop now. I even caught her listening to Cannibal Ox intrumentals. But that could be a bad thing hough.

  • CosmoCosmo 9,767 Posts
    My girl has put ME up on a ton of shit, and I'm talking about artists from Joe Cuba to Young D Boyz.

    She did just come home and I saw what she was listening to on her iPod: Leroy Hudson "Lucky Fellow"

  • soulmarcosasoulmarcosa 4,296 Posts
    My girl and I have been together for 15+ years so there's been tons of stuff we've turned each other onto since we met. There's not much lately that falls into that category though - she likes the hiphop, soul/funk, and bhangra I collect, but not enough to run out and buy it herself.

    Still, if one of my CD's is mysteriously missing from the shelf (which is often), I know it's 'cos she took it to drive around with.

  • NateBizzoNateBizzo 2,328 Posts
    My girl really changed my mind about R. Kelly.

    I got her all amped up on puss filled blood shitters.

  • 'I Love You, You Big Dummy' by Captain Beefheart

    my girl has really taken a shine to this song since i 1st played it for her (i'm not joking)

  • Lately she's likes: Creations Unlimited - Crystal Illusion, Mickey and Them - UFO, and some of the tracks off Jay-Z/Danger Mouse's Grey album

  • LamontLamont 1,087 Posts
    Kon & Amir, that Uncle Junior joint

  • RaystarRaystar 1,106 Posts

    Minnie Riperton "Come Inside Me"


  • slushslush 691 Posts
    Midnight Starr - Midas Touch

    ella fitzgerald - sunshine of your love


  • The_NonThe_Non 5,691 Posts
    I would like to add onto this post, but my girl is hella annoyed by this post and claims it is the work of "pretentious assholes (exclamation point)" because dudes are like "i'm so knowledgeable, my taste in music is so good and do my part to expose the girl to all this good music" in a "white man's burden"-esque context. Also, she is set in her ways and doesn't like anything I like.

    Not my words. Talk amongst yourselves.

    PS I've found the gaffes in this post to be funny, including "Come Inside Me" (Freudian slip) and "puss" instead of pus.

  • slushslush 691 Posts
    tell your girl that my girl listens to keane, and coldplay. and that yes there are girls with awesome taste but i certainly dont date one

  • The_NonThe_Non 5,691 Posts
    I'm looking at the man in the mirror...

  • Art_FormArt_Form 188 Posts
    Donny Hathaways' "Ghetto Boy". She wasn't feelin it at first but I persuaded her to listen to the lyrics and then hear the voice. She got the full-effect.

  • alieNDNalieNDN 2,181 Posts
    my back...

  • Keep him Like he is- Syreeta

  • KineticKinetic 3,738 Posts
    I get my girl into heaps of music that I listen to.
    She LOVES Edan and MF Doom now, as well as heaps of funky jazz stuff I dig.

    One of the most prominent would have the be David Liebman's 'The Opal hearted Aborigine.'

  • Phill_MostPhill_Most 4,594 Posts
    Minnie Riperton "Come Inside Me"

    ...Inside My Love, right?

    Yeah... we call it "Come Inside Me", though. It's a long story so I won't bore you all with the details... you already know how it ends.

  • this whole album I got my lady into:

    and "Classic Girl" - Jane's Addiction

  • dayday 9,612 Posts
    That's crazy cause I got my girl to peep Come Inside Me and now I just rock the Meat Shake.

    She got me to check out some Dylan and (gasp!) some Grateful Dead (that one with Branford isn't half bad) and I got her listening to Yellow Sunshine and a whole bunch of other shit.

    Recently she brought this home from work asking "have you ever heard of a guy named DJ Premier?". I never knew he did a song on this:

  • BsidesBsides 4,244 Posts
    Whoo Kid tapes.

    She also had me listening to alot more nina simone and shit like that when we were boning.

  • DJ_WubWubDJ_WubWub 874 Posts
    i am a bit of a romantic so in the course of our relationship these 4 songs have always been special and i turned my wife onto them (she loved them on first listen)
    Lamont Dozier- Shine
    Donny Hathaway-A song for you
    Ben e King-Supernatural
    Though she doesn't really like it when i sing along to the line "there has been lot's of women but none quite like you"
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