Latin Psych-Rock?



  • JLRJLR 3,835 Posts
    And this is more like hard psych from Argentina.
    "Pappo's blues" - Algo ha cambiado (4 MB mp3)

  • SPlDEYSPlDEY Vegas 3,193 Posts
    YES!! Great thread. This is why I come here. This my shit, this my shit. The Kaleidoscope and Aguaturbia are great reccomendations. Let me add:

    Lanny Gordin is the king of tropicalia guitar!

    ^ more fusiony

    Someone school us with some mexican psych.

    - spidey

  • a couple I'm feelin':

    I dig that group the Speakers too, wish I still owned an lp by them.

  • BigSpliffBigSpliff 3,266 Posts

    Erotica 3:49

    The first minute of this is begging for a sample! Nice.

    I've got some more erotic (to some) tracks. Should start another thread on "Latin Puccini" tracks.
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